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Japanese Noodle Saladwith Tofu and Radish

Japanese Noodle Salad - Japanese Noodle Salad - Crunchy snow peas bring a welcome bite to this salad of soba noodles
Japanese Noodle Salad - Crunchy snow peas bring a welcome bite to this salad of soba noodles


Calories:574 kcal
Preparation:40 min
Ready in:40 min
1 serving contains (Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calories574 kcal(29%)
Protein24 g(48%)
Fat20 g(25%)
Carbohydrates71 g(27%)
Added Sugar0 g(0%)
Roughage9 g(30%)

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For servings

150 gramsSoba Noodles
3 tablespoonsSesame seeds
2 tablespoonsSoy sauce
1 teaspoonAgave syrup
50 millilitersVegetable broth
125 gramsTakuan
100 gramsSnow pea
175 gramsfixed Tofu
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Kitchen Utensils

1 Pot, 1 Small skillet, 1 Bowl, 1 Small bowl, 1 Measuring cups, 1 Cutting board, 1 Small knife, 1 Fork, 1 Tablespoon, 1 Teaspoon, 1 Sieve, 1 Mortar, 1 Brush, 1 Grill pan, 1 Plate, 1 Citrus juicer


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1 Cook the soba noodles according to package directions in salted water, rinse and drain in a sieve.
2 While the pasta is cooking, cut lime in half and squeeze. Toast the sesame seeds lightly in a dry pan. Place 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds aside, put the rest in a mortar and grind while warm.
3 Combine soy sauce, 2 tablespoons lime juice, and agave syrup with the broth. Add crushed sesame seeds and cook until smooth.
4 Rinse the scallions and cut diagonally into very thin slices.
5 Cut the takuan into thin strips (julienne).
6 Rinse the peas and cut lengthwise into thin strips. Cook for 30 seconds in salted water, rinse with cold water and drain.
7 Mix together the noodles, onions, takuan and snow peas in a bowl with 3/4 of the sesame sauce. Let stand for 10 minutes.
8 Meanwhile, heat another pan. Cut tofu into slices and sprinkle the cut surfaces with remaining sesame sauce.
9 Grill the tofu for 3 minutes on each side. Serve the salad topped with tofu and sprinkled with sesame seeds.


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