It is always important to eat before a workout. Ever tried driving a car without gas? Yeah, it will not go very far. It is the same with your body. Food provides the energy that fuels our muscles. If you have not eaten, you will not have any fuel for your workout.
You cannot step foot in a gym or fitness class without spotting at least one fitness tracker slapped on someone’s wrist, so are these trackers really helping us to move more or are they just another pricey gadget?
Have you ever wondered if there is any scientific evidence about whether one time of the day is better than the other?
All aspiring runners need to begin somewhere and training for a 5k is a great way to wade into the waters.
Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, can be a great stress reducer, and may even help you lose weight. Another important part of a healthy lifestyle is rest days.
Staying healthy isn’t just about keeping your body happy, in order to be truly healthy it is vital to keep your mind happy.
Many people think that protein powders are made for large, greek-statuesque bodybuilders. That is not actually the case, protein powder is a great way to add extra protein to your day or recover after a workout.
Leaner and more defined in 20 minutes – this is the promise EMS training makes.