Detox Diet

Updated on 27. Dec. 2018
The best cleanse you can possibly have!
The best cleanse you can possibly have!

Your friends are all doing it and they are looking better than ever, but there might be a few things you want to consider before starting this strenuous diet. The goal of detoxing is to remove all the harmful toxins that have been accumulating within your cells and moving throughout your bloodstream. This cleanse usually includes fasting with fruit, fruit juices water, and ending with raw veggies. Some people use herbs and enemas to clear out their intestines for extra cleaning. EatSmarter! will answer some of the questions that you might regarding detox diets.

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How effective is it?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is little evidence that this cleanse is actually eliminating toxins from your body. Your body contains filtering systems, your kidneys, liver lymphatic system, intestinal tract and more, that clean your blood and remove toxins naturally. Then why do people swear by it? Stress, anxiety, and depression may be causing a toxic overload within your organs that is creating a back-up. In addition, the cleanse might be eliminating highly processed foods which have solid fats and added sugars that your body might not be removing naturally.5

What are the benefits?

There have been a number of benefits that people have seen. Your cardiovascular system improves by a decrease in blood pressure, a decrease in blood fat levels and an increase in liver organ function. Fluid mentions decrease, cravings decrease and it improves your overall intestinal health. Mentally, people have found their thoughts to be clearer, a stronger memory, and better sleeping patterns. Finally, all the organs that have been congested with toxins are being flushed out of your system and you find total body clarity.

What are the risks?

A popular detoxing plan, the Master Cleanse, has been shown to have serious side effects such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain, irritability and more. Long cleanses might lead to nutrient deficiencies, long-term weight gain, weakened immune systems, and heart and kidney problems. Cleansing might prevent diabetes, but it is not recommended for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes: eating fiber-packed foods cannot control blood sugar levels and might fluctuate insulin levels.3

Juicing has been shown to be dangerous for people undergoing chemotherapy, diabetes, those who have nutrient deficiencies and kidney disease. The increase in potassium and minerals are bad for kidneys, and antioxidants are dangerous for chemotherapy patients. Research has shown that juicing provides less nutrients than eating whole vegetables. It leaves out proteins, fats and fibers, while increasing fructose levels that disrupt proper body function.4

Reasons for a detox?

Everyone detoxes for different reasons, whether it is to cleanse their body, lose weight or to increase energy levels. It is a great way to clear your body of any medications or processed foods that may be stuck within your body. It is recommended to use this detox as a jumpstart to living healthier. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising. If you are living right, you shouldn’t have to do a cleanse because your body is doing it naturally every day.2

These cleanses effect everyone differently. Carmen Ramirez, a working mother living in Los Angeles, CA, swears by the Master Cleanse. She has Type 2 Diabetes and reduced kidney function with extremely high blood sugar levels. She lives a healthy lifestyle and tries to stay active when possible. After performing a month-long cleanse, she finds her levels are back to normal and she has more energy than ever. Each individual is different. Younger and healthier people have more effective detoxing organs and shouldn’t have to worry as much about toxin accumulation. Remember to consult your doctor before starting any detox. For more information about the Master Cleanse and how it work, visit

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