Fast pasta dishes

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Especially when it has to be fast, fast noodle dishes are just the right thing! Pasta cooked firm to the bite together with crunchy vegetables or a fresh tomato sauce is on the table in no time, is healthy and tastes simply wonderful. We are of the opinion: Noodles simply always work!

More diversity is not possible

Noodles not only taste good, they are also incredibly versatile. Depending on your mood, they can be prepared Asian style like our Pulled salmon on asia noodles with coconut-vegetable sauce, fruity as Lentil noodle salad with mozzarella and blueberries or also seasonal, like the Spaghetti with wild garlic-almond pesto on the table, there are really no limits to your creativity! And if noodles are left over, they can easily be processed the next day into a noodle salad, a colourful noodle pan or a delicious noodle casserole. There are even more ideas for delicious use of leftovers in our cookbook Leftover kitchen.

Not all noodles are the same

Farfalle, Spaghettini, Linguine, Penne, Canneloni, ... with the numerous types of pasta, it's easy to lose track. But there are some differences that have to be considered: For one thing, the cooking time is not always the same. So if you use a different type of pasta for quick pasta dishes than the one specified in the recipe, you should adhere to the cooking time indicated on the packaging. Spaghettini, for example, are thinner than normal spaghetti and are therefore cooked one or two minutes earlier. On the other hand, you should look at the list of ingredients, because ribbon noodles and spaetzle usually contain eggs and are therefore unsuitable for vegans, for example.

Noodles - fattening or not?

Noodles consist mainly of carbohydrates and are therefore often demonised as fattening. However, our brain, for example, can only use carbohydrates as a supplier of energy and can only accumulate to maximum performance. So we cannot do without carbohydrates completely. Our tip is to go back to the wholemeal variety, this keeps you full longer and contains important fibres that keep the digestive tract on its toes. And it also tastes good! So you can enjoy fast noodle dishes from EAT SMARTER more often with a clear conscience.

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