Healthy Kitchen
Most of our vegetables come from our gardens, but what if one super vegetable has been hiding just under our nose, below the surface of the ocean?
Eating healthy starts at the supermarket. Here's what you need to make nutritious meals any day of the week.
Ruby-red pomegranate seeds may be small in stature but they pack a big punch, nutrient-wise.
You may not be familiar with the term pulses to describe a food group, but you have likely eaten them. Pulses refers to the dried, edible seed of legume plants and includes 12 different crops.
Low-fat dairy has long been touted as a pillar of the healthy diet. Many dietary guidelines recommend one to two servings of low-fat dairy per day. However, full-fat dairy has recently stolen the spotlight.
Does this trendy food actually live up to of the hype? Read on to find out more...
Sheep, goat, or cow dairy? Is one healthier for you than the other? Did you even know you had the choice?
Smoothies are a great way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, but sometimes slurping down a large smoothie can get a little boring.
The long, weirdly shaped pods that contain tamarind fruit may look a little strange but the fruit actually contains many health benefits and is a great addition to a healthy and balanced diet.
Oysters have been consumed by humans for thousands of years. They are part of a small group of foods that people either love or hate, mainly due to their slimy texture and gray phlegm-like appearance.
Many of us want to eat healthily and improve our health through diet, but sometimes it seems quite limited when we try to figure out our diet and foods that work with it.
Fish has been a popular protein choice for many years, but how is it's popularity affecting our oceans and what can we do to help?
Especially for busy people, it can be challenging to prepare lunch in advance.
What is ghee, and why should it be part of your diet?
Trying to make healthier choices this Halloween? Read on for our top tips for healthier candy choices.
People have touted the benefits of coconut oil as a solution for everything from weight loss and whiter teeth to faster metabolism and more radiant skin, turning this tropical staple into a whole body superfood.
While store-bought dressing makes getting a healthy dinner on the table easier some nights, they are not always healthy for us.
Jackfruit is a strange looking fruit. It is large, growing as large as 100 pounds in some cases, and covered in a thick, green skin that appears almost prickly.
These grains often have a long and storied history, having been consumed and cultivated for thousands of years in various countries before their ultimate popularity in the modern world.
Seaweed has been consumed by people for thousands of years. It is a staple in many Asian cultures and enjoyed by the people around the world from Ireland to Malaysia.
EAT SMARTER has found the best low-carb alternatives for you to try.
Find out why this normal looking berry is rumored to be a Super Fruit.
EAT SMARTER will give you all the facts you need to know about almond milk.
EAT SMARTER will teach you all the important tips and tricks for buying, storing and cooking asparagus.
EAT SMARTER shares the best butternut squash recipes and reveals what makes it so good for you.
EAT SMARTER introduces you to these small wonder seeds and tells you why you should try them.
What's the difference between shelf life and consumption date? EAT SMARTER will tell you!
Avocados might taste like a vegetable, but they are actually a fruit. EAT SMARTER will tell everything you need to know.
The Hokkaido pumpkin is still fairly unknown; however, it typically has an increase in popularity during fall. We'll tell you why!