What am I cooking today?

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It is the groundhog question - recurring every day and always surprising - "What am I cooking today? A question that occupies mothers and fathers, singles and couples, working people and students every day and for which there is usually an answer: something to suit your individual taste, it should be easy and it should be quick. Because very few of us really have a lot of time for everyday cooking, apart from work, family and leisure time, to stir the cooking spoon hour after hour.

With our cookbook "What do I cook today?" we would like to show you that everyday cooking can be delicious and quick - and totally smart at the same time! Browse through our recipes and leave the ready meal in the cupboard, it can also be home-cooked!

What do I cook today? Let your taste decide

Tastes are different, and that's a good thing! What distinguishes us is that we know these tastes. We know what you want. And in our cookbook, we have put together all kinds of recipes for you that are both all-time favourites and individual outliers in everyday life. Click into the cookbook and find your favourite recipe for today!

EAT SMARTER Tip: Planning your shopping

Would you like to make your everyday life even more relaxed after work? Then plan a week in advance what you want to eat every day. Once you've made your purchases, you'll have all the ingredients right at home and can really look forward to your meal every day. Our cookbook is also perfect for this. This way, you can plan your everyday cooking better and you don't have to rush to the supermarket.

And for all those who want to decide spontaneously every day what they want to eat today, we can recommend our daily newsletter. Simply subscribe to our recipe newsletter here and you will receive our recipe recommendation of the day directly in your e-mail box.

"What am I cooking today?" - we guarantee that you will find what you are looking for in our shop and if you have no ideas at all, take a look at our recipe world and let yourself be inspired.

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