About Us

About Us


For the past three and a half years EAT SMARTER has offered new holistic nutrition concepts that help people live a healthier life - while still satisfying your taste buds. 


With over 100,000 light and healthy recipes, many of which were developed in collaboration with nutritionists specifically for EAT SMARTER, we provide inspiration for the kitchen and simultaneously clarify proper nutrition and a conscious lifestyle tips. 


Many recipes have the EAT SMARTER Food Check. Each recipe has been studied based on a criteria that examines calories, fat, saturated fat, protein, fiber and added sugar. 


Our EAT SMARTER journals are published bimonthly and complements the content of the website. Find out more about many areas such as nutrition, fitness, health and healthy lifestyles. 


In addition, mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android ensures easy access to EAT SMARTER from any location.