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Japanese Noodle Soup

with Teriyaki Chicken Breast
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Japanese Noodle Soup

Japanese Noodle Soup - Perfect as a snack between meals or as an appetizer

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30 min.
ready in 1 hr 30 min.
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Nutritional values

The soup shows what Japanese cuisine stands for: clear aroma, useful for the body. The clear soup contains a lot of easily digestible protein, which is needed for the muscles, and little fat, which is beneficial for blood fats and increased cholesterol levels.

If you can't get udon noodles, you can also prepare the soup with glass noodles or rice. It is an excellent starter for an Asian menu and is then sufficient for four people.

1 serving contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie412 cal.(20 %)
Protein46 g(47 %)
Fat5 g(4 %)
Carbohydrates41 g(27 %)
Sugar added0 g(0 %)
Roughage7.5 g(25 %)
Vitamin A0.2 mg(25 %)
Vitamin D0 μg(0 %)
Vitamin E0.9 mg(8 %)
Vitamin B₁0.3 mg(30 %)
Vitamin B₂0.3 mg(27 %)
Niacin26.4 mg(220 %)
Vitamin B₆1 mg(71 %)
Folate84 μg(28 %)
Pantothenic acid1.7 mg(28 %)
Biotin6.6 μg(15 %)
Vitamin B₁₂0.6 μg(20 %)
Vitamin C23 mg(24 %)
Potassium896 mg(22 %)
Calcium125 mg(13 %)
Magnesium96 mg(32 %)
Iron3.3 mg(22 %)
Iodine4 μg(2 %)
Zinc2.6 mg(33 %)
Saturated fatty acids1 g
Uric acid334 mg
Cholesterol99 mg
Development of this recipe:


2 Chicken breasts (about 300 grams)
2 Tbsps Teriyaki sauce
1 Tbsp Rice wine
7 ozs fresh Udon Noodle (or 100 grams dried)
2 tsps sesame oil
3 scallions
4 ozs Mung bean sprouts
1 tsp Canola oil
1 ¼ pints Chicken broth
4 sprigs cilantro
a little soy sauce (to taste)
How healthy are the main ingredients?
sesame oilChicken breastsoy sauce

Kitchen utensils

1 Pot, 1 Small pot, 1 Skillet, 2 Bowls, 1 Measuring cups, 1 Cutting board, 1 Large knife, 1 Small knife, 1 Tablespoon, 1 Teaspoon, 1 Sieve, 1 Slotted spatula, 1 Plastic wrap

Preparation steps

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 1

Rinse the chicken breast fillets and pat dry. Place in a bowl. Combine teriyaki sauce and rice wine and spoon over chicken. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 2

Cook noodles according to package directions, drain, and rinse under cold water. Mix noodles with sesame oil and set aside.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 3

Rinse scallions and cut into thin slices. Rinse bean sprouts in a sieve with cold water and drain well.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 4

Heat the vegetable oil in a heavy pot. Cook chicken breasts on each side for 4-5 minutes.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 5

In a pot, bring the broth to a boil.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 6

Add bean sprouts and scallions to the broth.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 7

Cut chicken breasts into slices. Rinse cilantro, shake dry and pluck the leaves.

Japanese Noodle Soup preparation step 8

Divide the noodles into 2 soup bowls, then add chicken slices. Carefully pour the boiling broth into the soup bowls. Sprinkle with cilantro. Add soy sauce to taste. Serve.