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Spicy Shrimp with Avocado Creamwith Chile, Lime Juice and Red Onions

Spicy Shrimp with Avocado Cream - Spicy Shrimp with Avocado Cream - Savory and tangy, it's also great as finger food
Spicy Shrimp with Avocado Cream - Savory and tangy, it's also great as finger food


Calories:150 kcal
Preparation:25 min
Ready in:85 min
1 serving contains (Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calories150 kcal(8%)
Protein14 g(28%)
Fat6 g(8%)
Carbohydrates7 g(3%)
Added Sugar0 g(0%)
Roughage2 g(7%)

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For servings

19 ½ ouncesShrimp (ready to cook)
1 ½large Limes
1 ½red Onion
1 ½red Chile pepper
¾ bunchesCilantro
⅜ cupscrushed Tomatoes (or ketchup)
1 ½Avocado (about 200 grams)
1 ½ tablespoonsRed wine vinegar
6 tablespoonsYogurt (low-fat)

Kitchen Utensils

1 Pot, 1 Bowl, 1 Small bowl, 1 Measuring cups, 1 Cutting board, 1 Large knife, 1 Small knife, 1 Tablespoon, 1 Peeler, 1 Sieve, 1 Immersion blender, 1 deep bowl


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1 Rinse the shrimp and pat dry. Squeeze juice from lime. Combine 2 tablespoons lime juice and 1 liter (approximately 4 cups) salted water in a pot and bring to a boil. Add shrimp and boil until pink and opaque throughout, then remove.
2 Plunge shrimp into a bowl of ice water until chilled. Drain well.
3 In a bowl, mix the shrimp with the remaining lime juice and let marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
4 Peel the onion and finely chop. Rinse chile pepper, wipe dry, halve lengthwise and remove the seeds. Finely chop chile. Rinse cilantro, shake dry, pluck leaves and finely chop. Peel the cucumber, halve lengthwise and remove seeds with a spoon. Cut cucumber into small cubes.
5 Mix together onion, chile and cucumber in a bowl. Add tomatoes and shrimp and stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Halve avocado, remove pit and scoop flesh from the peel.
6 Combine avocado, vinegar, and yogur in a tall vessel and season with salt and pepper. Purée with an immersion blender. Pour avocado purée into 6 glasses. Top with shrimp mixture and garnish with cilantro. Serve immediately.


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