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Thai Chicken Saladwith Glass Noodles, Cucumber, Lime and Cilantro

Thai Chicken Salad - Thai Chicken Salad - An effortless Southeast Asian dish
494 kcal
Thai Chicken Salad - An effortless Southeast Asian dish


Preparation:30 min
Ready in:50 min
1 serving contains (Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calories494 kcal(25%)
Protein44 g(88%)
Fat6 g(8%)
Carbohydrates63 g(24%)
Added Sugar2 g(2%)
Roughage4 g(13%)

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For servings

2 ouncesGlass noodles
6 ouncesChicken breast
½ tablespoonsVegetable oil
½Cucumber (about 250 grams)
½Carrots (about 75 grams)
½small Garlic clove
½small green Chile pepper
½ tablespoonsThai fish sauce
½ teaspoonsSoy sauce
Cane sugar
½ piecesGinger root (about 3/4 ounce)
½ teaspoonsSesame oil
½Romaine heart
2 ½ sprigsCilantro

Kitchen Utensils

1 Pot, 1 Skillet, 1 Bowl, 1 Cutting board, 1 Large knife, 1 Small knife, 1 Tablespoon, 1 Teaspoon, 1 Wooden spoon, 1 Peeler, 1 Mandoline, 1 Fine grater, 1 Sieve, 1 Kitchen shears, 1 Lid


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1 Cook glass noodles according to package instructions or soak in hot water, drain well, place in a bowl and cut into smaller pieces with kitchen shears.
2 Rinse chicken fillet, pat dry and season with salt and pepper.
3 Heat the oil in a pan. Sear meat for 3 minutes on each side. Pour in just enough hot water to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover and cook fillets an additional 4 minutes over medium heat.
4 Remove chicken from pan, let cool and cut into 1 cm (approximately 1/2-inch) cubes.
5 Peel cucumber, core and slice into thin strips on a mandoline. Peel carrot, cut in half and slice into thin strips.
6 Peel shallots and cut into very thin strips. Add to noodles.
7 Peel the garlic and finely chop. Rinse, core and chop the chile. Juice lime. Combine garlic and chile with 2-3 tablespoons lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce and sugar.
8 Peel ginger root and finely grate. Mix with the sesame oil to make a salad dressing. Combine dressing and chicken with the other salad ingredients. Let the flavors meld for 15 minutes.
9 Rinse romaine hearts, drain and cut into very thin strips. Rinse cilantro and pat dry. Arrange lettuce and chicken mixture on plates. Garnish with cilantro and serve.


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