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Vegan Summer Rolls

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Vegan Summer Rolls

Vegan Summer Rolls - with delicious peanut dip | Photo: Alina Wohldorf

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20 min.

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The colorful summer rolls vegan bring numerous vitamins and nutrients. They also contain all three macronutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates - making them a balanced meal. Tofu provides us with valuable plant-based proteins, while avocado and peanut butter shine with healthy unsaturated fats. The mango and rice paper complement the summer rolls vegan with carbohydrates.

At will, the vegetables used can be replaced with any other vegetables. Just take what you like best or what you already have at home. Thus, the summer rolls vegan are additionally a perfect leftover use for leftover vegetables. Instead of cilantro, fresh mint or parsley is also a great addition.

Development of this recipe:


1 Bell pepper
1 small Cucumber
2 carrots
1 Mango
1 Avocado
7 ozs Smoked tofu
2 ozs Baby spinach
3 stems cilantro
12 sheets Rice paper
2 Tbsps natural peanut butter
2 Tbsps soy sauce
1 Lime
3 ½ ozs Coconut yogurt
How healthy are the main ingredients?
soy sauceCucumbercarrotMangoAvocadoLime

Preparation steps


Clean and wash bell bell pepper and cucumber, peel carrots and mango. Cut avocado in half, remove seeds and cut into fine strips with the other vegetables. Cut tofu into strips as well. Wash and shake dry baby spinach and cilantro.


Fill a shallow bowl with water and dip a sheet of rice paper into the water for a few seconds. Place rice paper on a large plate and top with bell bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, mango, avocado and tofu. Then add spinach and cilantro. Fold sides of rice paper in half and roll up into a tight roll from the bottom. Repeat steps with additional rice paper sheets.


For the dip, mix peanut butter and soy sauce. Squeeze the juice of the lime and add to the dip with coconut yogurt. Mix well and add a little water to taste until desired consistency is reached. Arrange summer rolls vegan with peanut dip on plates and serve optionally garnished with some cilantro and black sesame seeds.