Waffle Tower with Cherry Compote and Whipped Cream

Waffle Tower with Cherry Compote and Whipped Cream
45 min.


for 4 servings
400 grams cherries
organic Lemons (zested with a vegetable peeler)
1 stalk Cinnamon
175 grams Sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla Instant pudding mix
125 milliliters Margarine (or butter)
1 pinch Salt
3 Eggs
250 grams Pastry flour
1 teaspoon Baking powder
300 milliliters Cream
Powdered sugar
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Preparation steps

Step 1/6

For the cherry compote: Rinse the cherries and remove the stems. Set a handful of cherries aside then combine the remaining cherries with the lemon zest, cinnamon, 2 tablespoons sugar and the cherry juice in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 5 minutes.

Step 2/6

Stir the pudding mix with a little water until smooth, add to the cherries and cook until thickened. Remove the cherries from the heat and let cool. 

Step 3/6

For the waffles: Mix the melted margarine, salt, eggs, milk, flour, baking powder and remaining sugar until smooth dough and cook 8 waffles in a waffle iron until golden brown on both sides. Let cool on a wire rack.

Step 4/6

For the whipped cream: Whip the cream until stiff with a little powdered sugar then transfer to a piping bag.

Step 5/6

Arrange 1/4 of the waffles on serving plates and top with the whipped cream and cherry compote. Repeat the layering with the remaining waffles, whipped cream and cherry compote.

Step 6/6

Top with the reserved cherries and serve immediately.