Pumpkin and Squash Soups

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Already in late summer the first pumpkins can be bought at the super market or the weekly market. And then it finally starts again: the pumpkin soup time! Whether as an appetizer or a light main course, creamy or rather as a hearty stew - our pumpkin soup recipes offer varied, delicious and healthy ideas on how to prepare the delicious autumn vegetables. Try pumpkin soup in many different variations, one healthier than the other - we have put together our favourite pumpkin soup recipes for you and sorted them by health score - variety guaranteed! So the autumnal classic never gets boring.

Which pumpkin goes into the soup?

Probably the most popular pumpkin for a pumpkin soup is the Hokkaido Pumpkin. In autumn you can find it in almost every supermarket and it is also the easiest of all pumpkins to prepare, because the skin gets nice and soft during cooking and therefore you don't have to peel it before. Since its aroma is nutty and the pulp is quite low-fibre, the Hokkaido pumpkin is especially suitable for a pureed pumpkin cream soup. But also the nutmeg and butternut pumpkin are excellent for a delicious pumpkin soup. However, both varieties should be peeled with a large and sharp knife before preparation, as the skin is very hard and should not be eaten, unlike the Hokkaido Pumpkin. Butternut pumpkins have a wonderfully mild taste, while the nutmeg pumpkin is more spicy and intense. Just decide for yourself which pumpkin is the right one for your soup.

What you should pay attention to when buying pumpkins

When buying a pumpkin, make sure that you reach for a food pumpkin that is suitable for consumption. Ornamental pumpkins are, as the name suggests, only suitable for decoration and should never end up in a cooking pot. If you want to check whether the pumpkin is ripe, it is best to carry out a knocking test: If the pumpkin sounds hollow, it is ripe. Pumpkins can also be stored very well. At cool temperatures, for example in the cellar, they will keep for several months.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing and a great pumpkin time! And if you're looking for more recipes for this great autumn vegetable, take a look at our pumpkin cookbook!

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