Fruit with chocolate dip


Fruit with chocolate dip


Preparation:30 min
Ready in:30 min


For servings

5 ½ cupsmixed Fruit e. g figs, pears, nectarine, gooseberry, banana etc.
⅞ cupscream 35% fat
1 ⅔ cupschopped, plain Dark chocolate 70% cocoa solids
½ teaspoonsfinely grated Orange zest
4 tablespoonsOrange juice
Orange liqueur to taste
4 tablespoonsCoconut flakes
4 tablespoonschopped, toasted Nut


1 Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces and arrange decoratively on a serving plate.
2 Put the cream and chocolate into a pan and melt the chocolate over a low heat, stirring constantly.
3 Stir in the orange zest and juice. Transfer the chocolate to a fondue pot and place over a heat burner. Add a little orange liqueur to taste.
4 Spear the fruit on fondue forks or wooden cocktail sticks and dip into the sauce.
5 Serve with chopped nuts and coconut flakes.


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