Protein Breakfast

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In English it's called "Breakfast", our most popular breakfast. Literally translated this means "breaking the fast". With breakfast we eat our first meal after a long time. This means nothing else but that our body has digested all the food of yesterday and is now going to our reserves. In the morning you should therefore eat a meal that will give your body a good boost. The Protein Breakfast Recipes in the gallery of EAT SMARTER will bring you a good portion of variety on the dining table and the possibility to let your body start the day with lots of satiating protein.

Eiweiß Kochbücher

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Protein-rich start into the day

Starting the day with a lot of protein does not mean to completely do without carbohydrates. If it is the right carbohydrates, then mixing them with proteins is a very healthy combination. For example, an avocado with cottage cheese on crispbread makes a light and rich meal that will keep you full until lunch. Super-Foods are particularly trendy at the moment. These include, for example, chia seeds which, in the form of pudding, can also be transformed into a real protein breakfast bomb. Just as trendy are the enchanting Acai berries, which cut a particularly good figure in colourful breakfast bowls combined with nuts and other fruits.

Warm protein breakfast

Of course we at EAT SMARTER try to meet every taste in all our recipe collections. Not everyone likes muesli or quark for breakfast. We have an ace up our sleeve for the high-protein breakfast recipes from EAT SMARTER: For an extensive Sunday breakfast we recommend the low carb pancakes. With a good portion of cream cheese these fluffy pancakes will become your new breakfast hit! EAT SMARTER wishes you lots of fun and a healthy protein-rich start to the day!

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