Sweet Strawberry Waffles

Sweet Strawberry Waffles
40 min.


for 4 servings
150 grams Strawberries (Fresh or frozen)
125 grams Butter
2 medium Eggs
80 grams Powdered sugar
60 grams Pastry flour
125 grams Sour cream
organic Oranges (zest)
1 package Instant pudding powder
250 grams Quark
2 tablespoons Grenadine
1 packet Vanilla sugar
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Kitchen utensils

1 small Pot, 1 Hand mixer, 1 Waffle iron, 1 Piping bag

Preparation steps

Step 1/3

Thaw strawberries if frozen. If fresh, remove stems, rinse and pat dry. 

For the waffles: melt butter for the waffle. Mix egg and 30 g (approximately 1/4 cup) powdered sugar with a hand mixer for about 8 minutes or until very creamy. Gradually stir in the flour. Then mix in butter, sour cream and orange zest. Let rest 15 minutes. In a hot waffle iron over medium heat, cook waffles until golden brown. 

Step 2/3

For the topping: puree strawberries and 20 g (approximately 1/8 cup plus 1 tablespoon) powdered sugar. 

For the filling: add half of the pudding mix and stir well. Combine quark, grenadine, vanilla sugar, the rest of the pudding mix and 20 g of powdered sugar. Mix well and pour into a pastry bag with a medium tip.

Step 3/3

Shape waffles into hearts or cut into uniform squares. Pipe filling on hearts (or pieces). Push two hearts together and add topping. Dust with remaining powdered sugar if desired.