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Easy Butternut Squash Lasagna

with chard
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Easy Butternut Squash Lasagna

Easy Butternut Squash Lasagna - Layered pleasure for the whole family

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Health Score:
91 / 100
30 min.
ready in 1 hr 10 min.
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Nutritional values

Abundant calcium makes Swiss chard a superfood for strong bones and firm teeth. But the leafy vegetable can do even more: provitamin A keeps the eyes fit and ensures optimal vision - even at night.

Depending on the season, the chard can be replaced with fresh or frozen spinach. Since the recipe is well suited as a Meal Prep, you are welcome to prepare a little more and freeze it, so the Lazy Lasagna with chard and gorgonzola will keep for a few days in the refrigerator or even a few weeks in the freezer.

1 serving contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie798 cal.(38 %)
Protein34 g(35 %)
Fat45 g(39 %)
Carbohydrates63 g(42 %)
Sugar added0 g(0 %)
Roughage13.9 g(46 %)
Vitamin A1 mg(125 %)
Vitamin D0.9 μg(5 %)
Vitamin E6.9 mg(58 %)
Vitamin K0.8 μg(1 %)
Vitamin B₁0.9 mg(90 %)
Vitamin B₂11 mg(1,000 %)
Niacin0.6 mg(5 %)
Vitamin B₆128 mg(9,143 %)
Folate2.4 μg(1 %)
Pantothenic acid16.4 mg(273 %)
Biotin16.4 μg(36 %)
Vitamin B₁₂1.8 μg(60 %)
Vitamin C53 mg(56 %)
Potassium1,393 mg(35 %)
Calcium862 mg(86 %)
Magnesium242 mg(81 %)
Iron7.5 mg(50 %)
Iodine41 μg(21 %)
Zinc6 mg(75 %)
Saturated fatty acids22 g
Uric acid157 mg
Cholesterol85 mg
Complete sugar15 g


1 head Swiss chard (large)
9 ozs Butternut squash
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
2 Tbsps butter
1 Tbsp Whole Grain Spelt Flour
8 ozs milk (whole)
12 ozs Whipped cream
4 ozs Gorgonzola
24 ozs Whole grain lasagne sheets
2 ¾ ozs Emmentaler cheese
2 ozs walnut kernels
½ bunch Basil

Kitchen utensils

1 ovenproof Skillet

Preparation steps


Chard clean, wash and cut into strips. Cut pumpkin flesh into small cubes. Peel and finely dice shallots and garlic. Heat 1 tablespoon butter in a pot. Sauté shallots, pumpkin and garlic in it over medium heat for 3 minutes. Add chard, stir to combine, and remove vegetables from pot.


Foam remaining butter in saucepan. Stir in flour and sweat. Deglaze with milk and bring to a boil, stirring. Add cream and about half of the Gorgonzola and stir over medium heat until dissolved. Season to taste with salt, 1 pinch of freshly grated nutmeg and pepper. Add the chard and pumpkin mixture again.


Layer the contents of the pot alternately with the lasagna sheets in an ovenproof pan. Finish with a layer of lasagna sheets. Grate Emmental cheese and sprinkle on top of lasagna. Crumble remaining Gorgonzola on top. Coarsely chop walnuts, spread on top and bake the lasagna in a preheated oven at 200 °C /400 °C for about 40 minutes. Wash basil and shake dry. Garnish Lazy Lasagna with basil and serve directly from the pan.