Fruity strawberry recipes

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The days are getting longer again, spring announces itself - finally the strawberry season is just around the corner again! Our refined strawberry recipes will make everyone happy who wants to eat tasty, healthy and balanced food. Have fun trying them out!

Sweet and savoury strawberry recipes

Those who have only ever eaten strawberries from sweet dishes like Strawberry cake with lime cream or Rhubarb strawberry cake with crumble should definitely also try out hearty strawberry recipes - it's worth it! Even if dishes likesalmon with strawberry ragout, Strawberry-lentil salad with rhubarb and edamameor Glass noodle salad with fried prawns and strawberriesThese strawberry recipes are really delicious and also bring many vital substances onto your plate.

Delicious through the day with our strawberry recipes

As a true strawberry fan, would you like to enjoy these sweet fruits with every meal? No problem at all thanks to our strawberry recipes: start with a creamy Avocado-Strawberry Breadin the day, for lunch there is a healthy Quinoa Bowl with strawberry dressing. As an afternoon snack, the handyStrawberry snails perfect. You can let the strawberry day come to an end with a spicy and light Dandelion salad with strawberries.

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