Bell Peppers and Anchovy Gratin 

Bell Peppers and Anchovy Gratin


Preparation:45 min
Ready in:45 min


For each

4red Bell pepper
2Garlic clove
1 teaspoonchopped Rosemary needle
8Anchovy fillet (from a jar)
1 tablespoonOlive oil
20pitted, black Olives (coarsely chopped)
freshly ground Pepper
Vegetable oil (for greasing)


1 Rinse, trim and halve the bell peppers, remove the seeds and ribs, cut lengthwise into 2 cm wide strips (approximately 3/4 inch) and press flat. Lay with the skin-side up on a baking sheet and place under the preheated broiler at full power until the skin blisters. Remove and place in freezer bag, seal the bag and leave it to rest for about 10 minutes. Then remove the skin.
2 Peel the garlic and chop finely. Rinse the anchovy fillets and drain. Lay the bell pepper pieces next to each other in greased casserole dish and distribute the anchovies and olives over the top. Shower with rosemary and garlic and season with pepper and a small amount of salt. Drizzle with oil and bake in a preheated oven at 150°C (approximately 300ºF) for about 10 minutes.  Serve warm.


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