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Banana Pancakes with Spelt Flour

and fruit
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Banana Pancakes with Spelt Flour

Banana Pancakes with Spelt Flour - A classic that also tastes great in healthy.

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90 / 100
25 min.
ready in 40 min.
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Nutritional values

Banana puree in the dough provides a naturally sweet taste, eliminating the need for added sugar. The decorative pomegranate seeds contain a lot of vitamin C and secondary plant compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids. These antioxidants strengthen the cardiovascular system and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Do not let the finished dough stand too long, otherwise the baking powder will lose its leavening power.

1 serving contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie289 cal.(14 %)
Protein10 g(10 %)
Fat6 g(5 %)
Carbohydrates46 g(31 %)
Sugar added0 g(0 %)
Roughage5.1 g(17 %)
Vitamin A0.1 mg(13 %)
Vitamin D0.4 μg(2 %)
Vitamin E1.7 mg(14 %)
Vitamin K6.2 μg(10 %)
Vitamin B₁0.3 mg(30 %)
Vitamin B₂0.2 mg(18 %)
Niacin3.4 mg(28 %)
Vitamin B₆0.3 mg(21 %)
Folate48 μg(16 %)
Pantothenic acid1.4 mg(23 %)
Biotin9.4 μg(21 %)
Vitamin B₁₂0.4 μg(13 %)
Vitamin C38 mg(40 %)
Potassium598 mg(15 %)
Calcium115 mg(12 %)
Magnesium73 mg(24 %)
Iron4.4 mg(29 %)
Iodine7 μg(4 %)
Zinc2.1 mg(26 %)
Saturated fatty acids1.1 g
Uric acid86 mg
Cholesterol50 mg
Complete sugar22 g


1 Banana
8 ¾ ozs Whole Grain Spelt Flour
1 pinch Vanilla powder (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
1 pinch salt
9 ozs Buttermilk
1 egg
¾ tsp Baking powder
1 Grapefruit
5 ozs pomegranates (0.5 pomegranates)
2 tsps Canola oil
How healthy are the main ingredients?

Preparation steps


Peel banana and mash with a fork. Mix flour with banana puree and 1 pinch each of vanilla and salt. Whisk the buttermilk with the egg and mix with the flour-banana mixture to form a smooth dough. Let the dough swell for 15-20 minutes. Then add baking powder and whisk again.


In the meantime, peel grapefruit with a knife so thickly that the white inner skin is also removed. Cut out grapefruit fillets between the separating skins and cut into pieces. Remove the pomegranate seeds from the fruit.


Bake 4 small pancakes in 2 portions each. To do this, heat 1 tsp. of each in a frying pan. Pour in 4 blobs of batter and bake over medium heat for about 3-4 minutes per side until golden brown. Use up remaining batter in the same way.


Garnish pancakes with the fruit.