Healthier Version Of A Classic Recipe

Sauerkraut with Smoked Pork and Potatoes

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Sauerkraut with Smoked Pork and Potatoes
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Nutritional values

Kassler with sauerkraut and potatoes is a real classic that tastes especially good in the cold season. Especially in winter, sauerkraut is a good source of vitamin C: Just one portion (250 grams) provides 50 milligrams of the defensive strength enhancer; this covers half of the average daily requirement of 100 milligrams of vitamin C. On top of that, sauerkraut contains lactic acid bacteria that strengthen our intestinal flora and thus boost our immune system.

Only unheated fresh food sauerkraut is teeming with lactic acid bacteria, while canned cabbage is pasteurised or sterilised so that it can be kept for as long as possible - and that kills off the healthy bacteria. You can buy fresh sauerkraut in health food stores, health food shops or at the weekly market, but make sure to label it "fresh".

1 serving contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie394 cal.(19 %)
Protein39 g(40 %)
Fat12 g(10 %)
Carbohydrates25 g(17 %)
Sugar added1 g(4 %)
Roughage7 g(23 %)
Vitamin A0.1 mg(13 %)
Vitamin D0 μg(0 %)
Vitamin E2.3 mg(19 %)
Vitamin K62 μg(103 %)
Vitamin B₁1.2 mg(120 %)
Vitamin B₂0.3 mg(27 %)
Niacin23.3 mg(194 %)
Vitamin B₆1.4 mg(100 %)
Folate112 μg(37 %)
Pantothenic acid1.1 mg(18 %)
Biotin3.7 μg(8 %)
Vitamin B₁₂0.6 μg(20 %)
Vitamin C136 mg(143 %)
Potassium1,812 mg(45 %)
Calcium117 mg(12 %)
Magnesium97 mg(32 %)
Iron3.4 mg(23 %)
Iodine71 μg(36 %)
Zinc3.2 mg(40 %)
Saturated fatty acids4.4 g
Uric acid59 mg
Cholesterol78 mg
Complete sugar5 g


100 grams white onions
750 grams Sauerkraut
30 grams Lard
4 Juniper berries
5 black peppercorns
1 bay leaf
l white wine
¼ l water
600 grams raw Smoked pork chop (boneless)
500 grams waxy potatoes
200 grams Red Bell pepper
1 pinch sugar
1 Tbsp finely chopped parsley
How healthy are the main ingredients?
SauerkrautpotatoonionparsleysugarJuniper berries

Preparation steps


Peel onions and cut into thin rings. Drain sauerkraut and separate strands with a fork. Heat lard in a large saucepan. Add onion rings and sauté until translucent. Add sauerkraut and sauté a few minutes.


Add spices, white wine and water. Bring to a boil. Place smoked pork on sauerkraut, reduce the heat and simmer 35-40 minutes. Meanwhile, peel, rinse and cut potatoes into 2 cm pieces (approximately 3/4 inch pieces). Simmer potatoes in salted water, 15-20 minutes. Drain.


Rinse and quarter peppers, cut out cores, remove seeds and ribs and cut into thin strips. Mix peppers with sauerkraut during the last 10 minutes of cooking time. Mix cooked potatoes with sauerkraut and transfer mixture to a platter. Sprinkle with parsley. To serve, cut smoked pork into slices and place on sauerkraut mixture.