By Holly Bieler
Updated on 13. Jun. 2023

Thanks to french fries and mashed potatoes, potatoes are often considered unhealthy. In reality, this delicious starch is low in calories and fat and packed with valuable nutrients.

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  • ...are rich in vitamins.
    100 grams of potatoes contain 12 milligrams of immune system-boosting vitamin C, as much as an apple.
  • ...keep you full for a long time.
    Potatoes contain long-chain carbohydrates which the body digests slowly, keeping the body fuller for longer.
  • ...might help lower blood pressure.
    Research has shown that the secondary plant compounds contained in blue potatoes can slightly lower blood pressure.
  • ...are surprisingly low in calories.
    Potatoes and loaded baked potatoes give the potato a bad rep, however the potato is actually very low in calories. 100 grams of boiled potatoes contain just 69 calories.
  • ...provide valuable protein.
    100 grams of potatoes provide 2 grams of vegetable proteins, which are particularly easy for the body to convert to usable protein.
  • ...have little fat.
    Potatoes consist of 77 percent water and have a very low fat content.
  • ...are incredibly versatile.
    There is no limit to what you can make with potatoes, from french fries to mashed potatoes to simple boiled potatoes and cabbage.

What You Should Know About Potatoes

While potatoes are often considered a fattening food, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Prepared without fat, potatoes have few calories but are rich in satiating fiber as well as minerals and vitamin C. 


Potatoes come in an array of colors and sizes, from the truffle potato, which is nearly black, to the blue Swede, and Highland Red Burgundy or Pink Fir Apple varieties. 

Our Favorite Potato Recipes

How Healthy Are Potatoes?

Potatoes are much healthier than you might assume, as they are low in calories and fat while packed with valuable nutrients. Potatoes are a rich source of dietary fiber, meaning they will keep you full for a long time, and are packed with vitamin C, B vitamins, and potassium.  Potatoes are also a good source of vegetable protein, which is especially easy for the body to convert.

Shopping and Cooking Tips


When buying potatoes, make sure you don't see any green spots or sprouts on the outside. Potatoes can be particularly succeptible to pesticides used in the harvesting process, so make sure to always buy organic when you can. 


Kept in a cool, dry place, potatoes will stay fresh for 2-3 months. 

What to Make With Potatoes

Potatoes are the base of some our most favorite classic dishes, from mashed potatoes to french fries to hashbrowns. While these dishes are delicious, they're also filled with fat and calories thanks to the added fat, so should be consumed in moderation.

By themselves, potatoes are naturally low in calories and fat, and make a great side for healthier dishes. Boiled and sprinkled with some salt, pepper and little olive oil, potatoes make a delicious and healthy side dish for fish or steak. Boiled potatoes are also a lovely addition to salads, such as the classic Nicoise from France.

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