Recipes with Pears

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Pears are now one of the most popular types of fruit. And not only because they are wonderfully sweet as a healthy snack, but also because the fruit is wonderful to use in the kitchen. Enough reasons to dare to try delicious dishes with pears. We have compiled the most popular pear recipes for you in a clearly laid out cookbook. Click through, find your favorite recipe, and cook right away.


How healthy are pears?

Although they taste so adorably sweet, pears can also be eaten by figure-conscious people: Although there are lower calorie fruits, the pear does not even yield half a gram of fat per 4 ounces. They are also one of the most easily digestible and therefore extremely stomach-friendly types of fruit, which are also very well tolerated by babies and sick people.

As the pear is rich in fiber and potassium, it is ideal as an ingredient for a satisfying breakfast. Helping you start the day in a balanced way and avoid any attacks of ravenous appetite.

The pear no longer belongs only in the fruit bowl. They go just as wonderfully with sweet dishes as they do with hearty dishes. 

The combination of sweetish pears and strong Roquefort on a cheese platter is a classic. However, other types of cheese can also be used to conjure up a delicious starter. 

Of course, you can also use the pears to prepare a delicious dessert from the grill. The fruits should be ripe, but still firm. Simply cut the pears into fine slices, sprinkle them with a little lemon juice and turn them regularly at medium heat.

With a little honey, cheese and nuts, the fruit will turn into a delicious dessert in no time.

EAT SMARTER wishes you lots of fun trying our great pear recipes!

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