Smoked Salmon Mousse

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Smoked Salmon Mousse
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5 h.


200 grams Salmon (without skin)
300 grams smoked Salmon
5 sheets gelatin
75 milliliters chilled Whipped cream
½ Lime (juiced)
Iodized salt
white peppers (freshly ground)
75 grams Crème fraiche
fresh Dill
1 small scallion
1 jar (100 grams) Trout roe
3 Tbsps balsamic vinegar
½ tsp Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp Nut oil (such as macadamia)
1 Tbsp olive oil
fresh, mixed Spring salad (such as frisee lettuce, Batavia or endives)
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SalmonSalmonWhipped creamolive oilLimeDill

Preparation steps


Soak gelatin in plenty of cold water. Rinse fresh salmon fillet, pat dry, cut into large cubes. Fry fish in a non-stick frying pan for about 3 minutes over medium heat. Roughly cut smoked salmon into small pieces. Let salmon and smoked salmon rest in the refrigerator until chilled. Then puree both types of salmon in a food processor. Gradually add cream to the food processor while mixing and season with lime juice, salt and pepper. Dissolve gelatin in a small saucepan over low temperature, stir in some fish cream, stir rapidly, add remaining fish cream and mix well. Fold in creme fraiche. Chop dill and scallions. Add to the saucepan and mix. 


Chill small ramekins (about 250 ml or approximately  ounces). Fill each ramekin with some salmon mousse. Then cover each with some caviar. Fill each ramekin with remaining salmon and cover again with some caviar. Finish with remaining salmon mousse. Cover and let rest for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight) in the refrigerator.


Mix vinegar in a bowl with mustard and season with salt and pepper. Briefly dip ramekins in hot water, turn upside down on plates and remove ramekins. Tear spring salad into bite-size pieces, arrange on plates and drizzle with mustard vinagrette. Serve immediately.