Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta Filling

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Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta Filling
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Health Score:
7,7 / 10
40 min.
ready in 1 hr 22 min.
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Nutritional values

1 each contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie580 kcal(28 %)
Protein25.5 g(26 %)
Fat30.63 g(26 %)
Carbohydrates54.31 g(36 %)
Sugar added0 g(0 %)
Roughage1.85 g(6 %)
Vitamin A943.84 mg(117,980 %)
Vitamin D0.22 μg(1 %)
Vitamin E1.92 mg(16 %)
Vitamin B₁0.27 mg(27 %)
Vitamin B₂0.53 mg(48 %)
Niacin5.62 mg(47 %)
Vitamin B₆0.22 mg(16 %)
Folate163.7 μg(55 %)
Pantothenic acid0.33 mg(6 %)
Biotin2.91 μg(6 %)
Vitamin B₁₂0.47 μg(16 %)
Vitamin C28.19 mg(30 %)
Potassium746.76 mg(19 %)
Calcium461.44 mg(46 %)
Magnesium78.11 mg(26 %)
Iron5.03 mg(34 %)
Iodine6.09 μg(3 %)
Zinc1.76 mg(22 %)
Saturated fatty acids15.05 g
Cholesterol71.35 mg


For the dough
250 grams Pastry flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
For the filling
300 grams fresh Spinach
300 grams Ricotta cheese
60 grams freshly grated Parmesan
2 garlic
freshly ground peppers
freshly grated Nutmeg
For the preparation and garnish
Pastry flour (for the work surface)
1 egg white
3 tablespoons butter
½ bunch freshly chopped parsley
How healthy are the main ingredients?
SpinachRicotta cheeseParmesanolive oilparsleygarlic

Preparation steps


For the dough: Mix flour with oil and 140 ml (approximately 4 3/4 ounces) of water and knead to an elastic, firm dough. For this purpose, it is best to use a food processor. Depending on the consistency, add a little less or more water. Cover in plastic wrap and let rest for 30 minutes.


For the filling: Rinse and trim spinach and blanch in salted boiling water. Rinse with ice cold water, squeeze well and finely chop. Peel garlic and chop finely. Sauté garlic in 1 tablespoon hot butter, add spinach and mix in a bowl with ricotta and Parmesan cheese. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and leave to cool.


Roll out dough thinly on a floured surface and with a pastry wheel cut out circles about 6 cm (approximately 2 1/3 inches) in diameter. Place a teaspoon of filling on each circle and brush with egg white. Cook in boiling salted water for about 10-12 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and place in a pan with hot butter. Season lightly with salt and chopped parsley. Serve immediately.