Coconut Curry with Fish and Broccoli

Coconut Curry with Fish and Broccoli

Coconut Curry with Fish and Broccoli - Coconut Curry with Fish and Broccoli

30 min.
50 min.
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for 4 servings
400 grams fish fillet (skinless haddock or monkfish)
4 Scallions
1 stalk Celery
250 grams Broccoli floret
80 grams Mushrooms (shimeji)
2 Shallots
2 Garlic cloves
1 red Chile pepper
2 centimeters fresh Ginger root
1 teaspoon chopped Coriander root
2 tablespoons Sesame oil
1 pinch Galangal powder
1 pinch ground Cumin seeds
300 grams Fish stock
250 milliliters Coconut milk
2 tablespoons light Soy sauce
1 splash Lime juice
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Preparation steps

Step 1/3

Rinse fish and cut into bite-sized pieces. Rinse scallions and cut diagonally into rings. Put aside some scallion greens for garnish. Rinse celery and cut into thin slices. Rinse broccoli and drain well. Depending on broccoli size, leave florets whole or quarter or half. Rinse mushrooms. Peel shallots and garlic and finely chop. Rinse chile and cut into fine strips. Peel ginger and finely chop. Sauté ginger, shallots, garlic, mushrooms, celery, broccoli, coriander and chile in hot oil in a pot for 1-2 minutes.

Step 2/3

Add ginger and cumin to pot and sauté, then pour in stock and coconut milk and simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes.

Step 3/3

Place fish in pot with curry and cook until done, about 5 minutes. Season with soy sauce and lime juice to taste and garnish with scallion greens to serve.