Herbed Crêpes with Smoked Eel and Potato Filling

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Herbed Crêpes with Smoked Eel and Potato Filling
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7,9 / 10
45 min.
ready in 1 hr 15 min.
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300 grams starchy potatoes (such as russet or Idaho)
1 handful Spinach
1 handful Fresh herbs (such as chervil and parsley)
1 egg
75 grams Pastry flour
150 milliliters milk
freshly grated Nutmeg
clarified butter (for frying)
200 grams Smoked eel (skinned and boned)
1 Tbsp sour Whipped cream
lemon juice
freshly ground black peppers
2 Tbsps scallions
How healthy are the main ingredients?
potatoSpinachWhipped creamsalteggNutmeg

Preparation steps


Scrub the potatoes and steam about 30 minutes.


Rinse the spinach and herbs, spin dry, and tear leaves from stems. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the spinach and herbs, blanch briefly, and immediately drain and rinse with cold water. Squeeze out excess water and puree with half of the milk.

To make the herbed crêpes: In a bowl, combine the flour, egg, the remaining half of the milk, and stir to make a smooth, thick batter. Add the pureed spinach and herbs and stir until blended. Season with salt and nutmeg. Let the batter rest for about 10 minutes

To make the crêpes, heat some of the clarified butter in a pan about 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter. Pour in some of the batter and tilt the pan to distribute the batter evenly. Let the crêpe cook on the first side for a moment, then turn and finish cooking on the second side. Transfer the crêpe to a plate once it is finished cooking and continue making crêpes in this manner until all of the batter is finished.


Peel the steaned potatoes and mash with a fork while they are still hot. Shred the eel into small pieces and add to the potatoes along with the sour cream. Season with salt, lemon juice, and pepper.


Divide the eel-and-potato filling evenly among the crepes and sprinkle with chives. Roll the crêpes cylinders. To serve, arrange on plates or a platter.


Serve warm.