Baked peppers with filling 

Baked peppers with filling


Calories:909 kcal
Preparation:10 min
Ready in:45 min
1 serving contains (Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calories909 kcal(45%)
Protein66 g(132%)
Fat45 g(56%)
Carbohydrates62 g(24%)
Added Sugar0 g(0%)
Roughage10 g(33%)

Recipe author: EAT SMARTER


For servings

For the stuffing
1day-old Bread roll
1small onions peeled and diced
1carrots peeled and grated
½small Leeks chopped
1 stickCelery grated
½red peppers finely diced
¼ bunchesBasil washed and chopped
¼ bunchesparsley washed and chopped
¼ cupsfresh Mozzarella drained and diced
⅔ cupsgrated Cheese
3 tablespoonsbreadcrumbs
2 cupsmixed Ground meat
Oil for frying
Oil for frying
In addition
4Bell pepper
1small onions peeled and diced
⅜ cupsvegetable stock
1canned Diced tomatoes
freshly ground peppers
1 tablespoonOil
1 teaspoonpaprika
butter for the dish


1 Heat the oil in a pan and sweat the onion until translucent. Add the carrots, leek, diced red pepper and celery and sweat for 3 minutes. Add the mince and fry until browned. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.
2 Soak the bread roll in plenty of warm water then squeeze out well. Combine all the stuffing ingredients, reserving half the chopped herbs as a garnish.
3 Wash the peppers, cut off the top quarter to make a lid and carefully remove the stalk and seeds.
4 Grease a baking dish, place the peppers in the dish and fill with the stuffing. Put on the lids.
5 Bake the peppers for 20-25 minutes in an oven preheated to 200°C (180° fan) | 400F | gas 6.
6 For the tomato sauce, heat the oil in a pan and sweat the onion until translucent. Add sugar, salt, pepper and paprika to taste.
7 Add the vegetable stock and tomatoes and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Check the seasoning, then add the tomato sauce to the pepper dish for the remainder of the cooking time.
8 Serve garnished with the reserved herbs.


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