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Stuffed Turkey with Vegetables

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Stuffed Turkey with Vegetables
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4 h. 30 min.

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With this stuffed turkey you will get through the holidays slim, because the turkey meat is low in fat and therefore scores with satiating protein, which we need for building and maintaining our muscles. The side dishes are no calorie traps either, because they bring fibre that fills the stomach and gives us a pleasant feeling of satiety.

The stuffed turkey with vegetables is a classic for Christmas or other holidays. The winter blueberry cocktail with cinnamon goes well with it.


1 Turkey (4.5 kg)
freshly ground peppers
300 grams Rice
100 grams Pine nuts
3 dried tomatoes
15 Sage
3 teaspoons dried thyme
4 garlic
3 large tomatoes
500 grams waxy potatoes
3 zucchini
olive oil (Extra virgin)
1 liter water
2 lemons (juice)
1 bunch fresh parsley
1 egg
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Preparation steps


Rinse the turkey and pat dry. Rub inside and out with salt and pepper. Preheat oven to 220°C (approximately 425°F). Cook the rice in salted water until al dente. Briefly dry roast the pine nuts until golden brown. Cut the dried tomatoes into small cubes. Rinse the sage leaves, shake dry and cut into fine strips. Peel and chop the garlic. Rinse the tomatoes, cut in half, remove seeds and cut into small cubes. Combine the rice, pine nuts, garlic, sage, thyme, tomatoes, dried tomatoes and 3 tablespoons of oil and mix well. Season well with salt and pepper. Fill the turkey with the rice mixture and close with kitchen string. Set aside any remaining stuffing.


Put some oil in a frying pan. Place the turkey breast-side up and brush with a little oil. Bake on the bottom rack for 30 minutes. Mix the water and lemon juice. Baste with 250 ml (approximately 1 cup) of lemon water. Turn and bake for another 30 minutes.

Reduce the heat to 160°C (approximately 320°F). Turn the turkey again and bake for another 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of lemon water and juices.

Scrub and peel the potatoes. Rinse and cut the zucchini into thick slices. Knead the remaining filling together with 1 egg. Form into small balls. Approximately 1 hour before the turkey is done cooking, add the potatoes and rice balls. Thirty minutes before the end of cooking, add the zucchini. Garnish the finished turkey with fresh parsley and serve with the side dishes.