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Mini Lentil Pizza

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Mini Lentil Pizza

Mini Lentil Pizza - Not just for fans of legumes: Pizza with a difference!

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8,7 / 10
40 min.
ready in 2 h. 30 min.
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Nutritional values

These small lentil pizzas score with their toppings. Protein from the lentils and feta helps athletes to build strong muscles. The tomatoes put the plant substance lycopene on the pizzas, which among other things is supposed to protect our cells from developing cancer.

You can also gratinate the small lentil pizzas with mozzarella instead of feta cheese. You can also vary the vegetables as you like. The lentils can also be served with peppers or corn, for example.

1 piece contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie200 kcal(10 %)
Protein8 g(8 %)
Fat6 g(5 %)
Carbohydrates28 g(19 %)
Sugar added0 g(0 %)
Roughage2.5 g(8 %)
Vitamin A0 mg(0 %)
Vitamin D0 μg(0 %)
Vitamin E1.4 mg(12 %)
Vitamin B₁0.2 mg(20 %)
Vitamin B₂0.2 mg(18 %)
Niacin3.1 mg(26 %)
Vitamin B₆0.2 mg(14 %)
Folate127 μg(42 %)
Pantothenic acid0.6 mg(10 %)
Biotin7.6 μg(17 %)
Vitamin B₁₂0 μg(0 %)
Vitamin C8 mg(8 %)
Potassium312 mg(8 %)
Calcium41 mg(4 %)
Magnesium27 mg(9 %)
Iron1.4 mg(9 %)
Iodine11 μg(6 %)
Zinc0.8 mg(10 %)
Saturated fatty acids2.2 g
Uric acid67 mg
Cholesterol7 mg


1 cube Yeast
500 grams Pastry flour
1 teaspoon salt
5 tablespoons olive oil
80 grams red Lentils
300 milliliters Vegetable broth
150 grams Feta
1 zucchini
150 grams Cherry tomatoes
1 red onion
8 tablespoons pureed tomatoes
2 stalks oregano
How healthy are the main ingredients?
tomatoFetaLentilolive oilsaltzucchini

Preparation steps


For the dough, add the yeast with 250 ml (approximately 1 cup) of lukewarm water. In a separate bowl, mix together the flour and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a bowl and make a well in the middle. Mix together the oil with the water and knead into a smooth dough. Knead on a floured surface for about 10 minutes. Place back in the bowl and allow to rise for about 1 hour in a warm place.


Meanwhile, bring the broth to a boil and cook the lentils over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Rinse and drain.


Crumble the feta cheese. Rinse and cut the zucchini into 1/2 cm slices. Rinse and halve the cherry tomatoes. Peel the onion and cut into thin rings.


Knead the dough on a floured surface again and divide into 16 equal portions. Round each portion into a roll and place on 2 baking trays lined with parchment paper. Flatten each ball. Spread the pureed tomatoes on each portion of dough. Season with salt and pepper and cover with the zucchini and tomatoes.


Sprinkle each pizza with the onion rings, lentils, and feta cheese. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C (approximately 400°F). Bake for about 20-25 minutes.


Rinse the oregano, pluck and shake dry. Take the pizzas from the oven and arrange on plates as desired. To serve, garnish with oregano leaves.