Millet Salad with Chinese Cabbage and Snow Peas

Millet Salad with Chinese Cabbage and Snow Peas
30 min.


for 4 servings
Napa cabbage
Salt freshly ground pepper
1 each onion, garlic and red Chile pepper
7 tablespoons Vegetable oil
200 grams Millet
700 milliliters Instant vegetable broth
1 teaspoon Turmeric
1 generous pinch Cardamom
2-3 tablespoons Lime juice
150 grams Snow pea
1 bunch Garlic chive
3 tablespoons White vinegar
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Preparation steps

Step 1/4

Rinse and clean cabbage, cut into fine strips. Season with a little salt and mash lightly with a potato masher, let stand briefly. 

Step 2/4

Peel onion and garlic and chop finely. Rinse chile pepper and remove seeds and ribs, cut into rings. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan and saute onion, garlic and chile pepper for a few minutes. Add millet, broth, turmeric and cardamom and simmer for about 20 minutes on medium heat. Remove from heat and cool slightly, season with lime juice.

Step 3/4

Rinse snow peas and blanch in boiling salted water for 1 minute. Drain and rinse in cold water, drain well. Place cabbage into a colander, rinse in cold water and spin dry.

Step 4/4

Mix all prepared ingredients and place into a bowl. Rinse and finely chop chives. Whisk vinegar with salt, pepper and remaining oil and drizzle salad with the dressing. Sprinkle with chives and serve.