Chocolate and Strawberry Meringue Cream Torte

With musical notes
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Chocolate and Strawberry Meringue Cream Torte
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45 min.
ready in 5 h.
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Nutritional values

1 piece contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
1 piece contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calories224 kcal(11 %)
Protein6.2 g(6 %)
Fat11.3 g(10 %)
Carbohydrates24 g(16 %)


For the meringue
3 egg whites
150 grams sugar
100 grams peeled ground almonds
For brushing
75 grams Dark couverture chocolate
10 grams Coconut oil
For the filling
4 sheets clear gelatin
400 grams Strawberries
250 grams Cream quark (40% fat)
3 Tbsps sugar
500 milliliters Whipped cream
1 packet Vanilla sugar
For decorating
2 Tbsps cocoa powder
50 grams Chocolate curl
How healthy are the main ingredients?
Whipped creamStrawberrysugaralmondsugar

Preparation steps


For the meringue, beat egg whites until stiff. Sprinkle sugar over egg whites and beat until dissolved. Fold almonds into meringue mixture and place in a pastry bag with a 0.5 cm diameter (approximately 1/8 inch diameter) round tip. Pipe a meringue circle 24 cm diameter (approximately 9 1/2 inches diameter) for base of torte and pipe a meringue treble clef and musical notes for decoration onto a  baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let meringue dry in oven preheated to 100-110°C (fan: 80°C, gas mark 1)(approximately 210-230°F) for 3-4 hours. Let meringue cool and carefully remove from baking sheet.


For brushing, cut chocolate and coconut oil into pieces and melt over a hot-water bath. Brush chocolate mixture over meringue base and on the back of the meringue decorations.


For the filling, soak gelatin in cold water for about 5 minutes. Rinse and hull strawberries and cut into small pieces. Mix quark and sugar. Squeeze gelatin, dissolve over moderate heat, quickly stir into quark mixture and refrigerate briefly. Beat cream with vanilla sugar until stiff and fold into quark mixture. Divide quark mixture in half and fold strawberries into one portion.


Spread strawberry filling on meringue base in a dome shape. Spread plain filling over strawberry filling. For decorating, set thin strips of paper over filling in the pattern of a musical staff, sprinkle cocoa over filling and remove paper strips. Decorate edge of torte with chocolate curls. Set meringue treble clef and musical notes on torte and serve.