All About Pumpkins & Squash

No ingredient has a stronger association with fall than the pumpkin when this vegetable is elevated from lowly gourd to the star of desserts, meals, and tablescapes. However, there is much more to this vegetable, both from a culinary and nutrition perspective. → all about pumpkin.

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The EAT SMARTER Halloween Special

It's that time of year again - the leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and ghosts are showing up on every doorstep - it's time for Halloween! Kids of all ages are eagerly awaiting the spooky season, dressing up and walking from door to door as ghosts, vampires, or princesses to get candy. So it's the perfect time for us at EAT SMARTER to put together our favorite delicious Halloween recipes for you, whether you're planning on spending Halloween going out, or staying in and handing out candy. 

We wish you spooktacular fall! Happy Halloween!