Lamb and spinach curry 

Lamb and spinach curry


Preparation:90 min
Ready in:90 min


For servings

3 clovesgarlic
1 ½ inchesfresh Ginger root peeled and roughly chopped
2green chile peppers chopped
1onions roughly chopped
½ cupsvegetable oil
28 ouncesLamb shoulder cut into large chunks
2 teaspoonsCoriander seed crushed
2Cardamom pods crushed
1 teaspoonCumin seed crushed
1 teaspoonGaram Masala
1 teaspoonTurmeric
1 teaspoonsalt
1 tablespoonTomato paste
1 cuplamb stock (or water)
2 handfulsSpinach washed and roughly chopped
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1 Put the garlic, ginger, chillies and onion in a food processor and blend to make a puree.
2 Heat the oil in a wide pan and brown the meat pieces on all sides. Remove from the pan and set aside.
3 Fry the spices in the oil for 2 minutes then add the salt and onion puree and cook for 3 minutes.
4 Return the meat to the pan, add the tomato paste and lamb stock, then cover and simmer very gently for about 45 minutes. Add a little water during the cooking if needed.
5 Add the spinach to the pan and cook for a further 30 minutes or until the lamb is very tender.


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