Kids Train Cake

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Kids Train Cake
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2 h. 30 min.


For the cake
1 vanilla Sponge cake
For the buttercream
3 ½ cups prepared buttercream
natural red Food coloring
nautral yellow Food coloring
natural blue Food coloring
To decorate
8 Chocolate wafer
10 double Chocolate cookie
4 chocolate sandwich cookie
2 cups wrapped assorted Chocolate candy
2 white chocolate (curls)
Marshmallow (chopped)
1 tsp liquid sugar
1 Wafer Ice cream cone
1 almond Wafer (cookies)
1 ½ cups Shredded coconut
natural green Food coloring
plastic animal
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Preparation steps

For the cake: Make the cake batter and spoon into a greased and lined 23 cm | 9" x 33 cm | 13" rectangular cake tin. Bake for 45 - 55 minutes until a cake tester comes out clean from the centre. Remove to a wire rack to cool.
For the buttercream: Take half of the buttercream and divide it between two bowls, adding a few drops of yellow and red food colouring respectively to each bowl. Beat each until uniformly coloured.
Add a few drops of blue colouring to the remaining buttercream, beating well. Once the cake is cool, turn it out and cut in half. Take one half and cut in half again, trimming with a serrated knife to fashion two rectangular 'carriages. ' Cut the remaining half of cake into one further 'carriage' and then carefully trim the final piece of cake into a cylinder shape using a serrated knife.
Using a step spatula, cover the cylinder and one 'carriage' with a thin layer of blue buttercream. Position the cylinder attached to the 'carriage' (standing upright), on a platter. Cover with more buttercream.
Using the same method as step 4, cover the remaining 'carriages' with the yellow and red buttercream respectively Position them behind the front of the train.
To decorate: Arrange the chocolate wafer fingers next to their base of the train to create 'tracks, ' leaving space as needed to attach the sandwich cookies and double chocolate cookies as wheels; use more buttercream as needed to attach them.
Cut a rectangular-shaped hole out of the top of the yellow carriage; fill with some of the wrapped assorted chocolates. Bore two small holes at the back of the red carriage using a skewer and position the white chocolate curls upright in them.
Dip edges of the marshmallows in liquid glucose to attach them to other pieces of marshmallow. Once you have a cluster, brush the bottom with more liquid glucose and attach it to the top of the ice-cream cone. Bore a hole in the top of the blue carriage and position the cone in it.
Attach the almond wafer biscuit to the side of the blue carriage. Pulse together the desiccated coconut and a drop of green colouring in a food processor. Scatter the 'grass' next to the train and stage with the plastic animals.