Fresh Filled Pasta with Herbs

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Fresh Filled Pasta with Herbs
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85 / 100
1 hr
ready in 1 hr 45 min.
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For the pasta
2 ⅔ cups all-purpose flour
4 eggs
1 tsp olive oil
For the filling
1 cup fresh Fresh herbs (e. g. sage, chives, basil leaves)
1 shallot (chopped)
2 cloves garlic cloves (chopped)
1 ⅛ cups Ricotta cheese
2 Tbsps fresh Parmesan (grated)
2 ½ cups Pumpkin (e. g. butternut pumpkin, thinly sliced)
olive oil
½ cup Sage (leaves)
To garnish
grated Cheese (e. g. pecorino or parmesan)
How healthy are the main ingredients?
PumpkinRicotta cheeseParmesangarlic cloveSageolive oil

Preparation steps

For the pasta, knead the flour, eggs and oil with 1 tsp salt to a smooth dough. Add a little water or more flour if necessary. Roll the dough into a ball, wrap in clingfilm and let rest for approx. 30 minutes.
For the filling, blanch the herbs in boiling salted water, plunge into cold water, squeeze the water out and chop finely.
Heat a little butter in a pan and fry the shallot and garlic until soft. Turn into a bowl and mix with the herbs, cream cheese and parmesan. Season with salt, ground black pepper and nutmeg.
Knead the dough once more and roll out thinly using either a pasta machine or a rolling pin on a floured surface. Place teaspoons of the filling on the pasta at intervals and cut out circles (approx. 6 cm diameter) using a pastry cutter. Brush the edges around the filling with water, fold into semicircles and press the edges together firmly. Let dry a little.
Season the pumpkin slices with salt and ground black pepper. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a pan and fry the pumpkin slices on both sides for 5-10 minutes until soft.
Simmer the agnolotti in salted water for 4-5 minutes.
Heat 5-6 tbsp oil in a pan and fry the sage leaves briefly, then remove from the pan. Drain the agnolotti, reserving a little of the cooking water. Add the agnolotti and the reserved water to the pan, stir until covered with oil and season with salt and ground black pepper.
Serve the agnolotti on plates with the pumpkin and sage. Garnish with grated cheese.