Savoy Cabbage Recipes

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Hello autumn - and hello savoy cabbage! Because even though it is in season all year round, it tastes particularly aromatic in autumn. Savoy cabbage is also one of the most popular types of cabbage, is very healthy and inexpensive to buy - enough reasons, in our opinion, to definitely put green cabbage on your shopping list this autumn,

because savoy cabbage is also a real multi-talent in the kitchen. Whether as a simple Savoy Cabbage Coleslaw or Seared Pork Tenderloin with Sesame Savoy Cabbage - we have put together our most popular dishes with savoy cabbage for you. Click through our cookbook and discover great savoy cabbage recipes!

Varied recipe ideas with savoy cabbage

If you want to prepare savoy cabbage, you are spoiled for choices! Because green cabbage can be used in many different ways in different dishes. What we really like best is to eat the cabbage in autumn, for example, our Savoy Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Pumpkin.

Preparation tips

Savoy cabbage is used cooked or steamed in most recipes. Since savoy cabbage is cooked much faster than most other types of cabbage, winter cabbage takes about 25 minutes. Its short cooking time makes it perfect for fine but quick dishes!

Fit Food Savoy cabbage

In addition to chia seeds, goji berries and the like, we often forget that our local superfoods also have plenty to offer - just like savoy cabbage. Because the green cabbage with 50mg per 100 g is one of the absolute top suppliers for vitamin C. The savoy cabbage also scores with iron, protein and magnesium. You are welcome to try it here, as it is also incredibly figure-friendly with only 25 calories. We are looking for large amounts of fat or carbohydrates here in vain!

Because of its particularly large leaves and low carbohydrate content, Savoy cabbage is also fantastic for use in low-carb cooking. Lightly steamed, it can be used to conjure up delicious wraps, or you can prepare a quick Savoy Cabbage with Prawns

Why not try some Savoy cabbage and find out which dish you like best and be inspired by our delicious Savoy cabbage recipes! EAT SMARTER wishes you lots of cooking fun and bon appetit!

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