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Cheesecake with Berries

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Cheesecake with Berries
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With freshly picked raspberries from the garden you can wonderfully conjure up this cheesecake. In addition, the raspberries convince with plenty of anthocyanins. These natural plant dyes shine with their antioxidant effect: in our body they bind harmful free radicals and thus protect our cells from damage. But that is not all! Anthocyanins can improve the visual process, inhibit inflammation and protect our blood vessels.

Important: If you are looking for wild raspberries in the forest, you should only pick in areas that are not very polluted by environmental toxins such as industrial or car exhaust fumes!


For the pastry
150 grams Pastry flour
½ teaspoon Baking powder
50 grams ground almonds (blanched)
1 pinch salt
1 egg
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
150 grams cold butter
softened butter (for the springform pan)
Pastry flour (for the worf surface)
For the topping
200 grams sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
5 eggs
750 grams cream cheese
1 Vanilla bean (slit)
1 organic lemon (juiced and zested)
100 milliliters Whipped cream
150 grams Whipped cream
powdered sugar (for dusting)
150 grams Raspberries (for garnishing)

Preparation steps


For the pastry: combine flour with baking powder, almonds and salt and pile on the work surface. Make a well in the center. Add egg, cold butter and powdered sugar to the well and quickly knead into smooth pastry. Shape into a ball and wrap into aluminum foil, refrigerate for 30 minutes. 


Butter springform pan. Roll out pastry and line pan with it, making an edge all around. 


For the topping: mix sugar with cornstarch. Separate eggs. Whisk egg yolks with cream cheese, vanilla seeds, lemon zest and juice. Add sugar mixture and mix well. Add cream and sour cream and whisk well. Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into the mixture. Spread cream mixture onto the pastry and bake in preheated oven at 160°C (approximately 325°F) for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and cool cake in the oven for about 2 hours. Remove from the oven and cool completely. 


Loosen cake from the pan and dust with powdered sugar. Garnish with raspberries and serve.