10 Breakfasts to Kick Off Your Wellness Resolutions

By Holly Bieler
Updated on 22. Dec. 2020

10 nutrient-packed breakfasts to help power your wellness goals.

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If you're like most people, at least one of your New Years resolutions revolves around bettering your health. And when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, perhaps no meal is more important than breakfast. Infusing your body with diverse nutrients and protein first thing in the morning sets the tone for healthy eating throughout the day, and will give you a boost of energy to help stay focused and keep you from over-eating later in the day. Below, we've handpicked 10 of our most nutrient-packed and energizing breakfast recipes to kick off your 2020 health resolutions on the right foot.

This overnight oats recipe is low in sugar and fat but packed with powerful plant protein from the chia seeds and oats as well as satiating fiber from the apples. What's more, it only takes 10 minutes of preperation the night before, making this a perfect recipe if you're pressed for time in the mornings.

These delicious toasts are nutrient powerhouses. The smoked trout adds ton of energizing lean protein, avocado is rich in heart-healthy fatty acids and the rye toast is a significant source of complex whole grains, which help support digestion. 

If you're craving pancakes, this recipe is a great way to enjoy your favorite sweet treat in the morning without falling off the resolution wagon. While normal pancakes are high in sugar and empty carbs, this variation is packed with plant protein thanks to the addition of chia seeds, as well as potassium from the bananas and tons of vitamin C from the kumquats and persimmons.

These simple omelettes are packed with energizing protein but low in fat, calories and carbs, making them a great option for many diets. They're also a good source of lycopene from the tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant which helps protect the body's cells against free radical damage.

Cottage cheese is a fantastic ingredient to integrate into your diet if you're trying to eat healthier. It's packed with high-quality protein and nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12, while low in fat, calories and carbs. This recipe plays up the mild, creamy flavor of the goat cheese with a delicious homemade blackberry and walnut compote, adding antioxidants from the berries and healthy fats from the walnuts to the final nutrient tally.

This simple dish comes together in just 30 minutes but is packed with flavor and nutrients. The eggs provide plenty of protein, while the porcini mushrooms contain tons of antioxidants for cell protection and fiber for gut health. Tomatoes add additional antioxidants as well as vitamin C to help keep the immune system healthy. What's more, this dish is low in carbs and calories, making it a good fit for many diets.

Sliced sweet potatoes are an excellent substitute for bread, with a similar texture, loads more vitamins and minerals and a fraction of the carbs and calories. This sweet potato toast makes for a delicious sweet treat that's also packed with energizing protein thanks to the peanut butter and nuts. The bananas add aditional potassium, which helps keep fluid levels in the body level.

These spinach egg nests are extremely low in calories, carbs and fat, but packed with high-quality protein from the eggs as well as iron from the spinach, which helps support overall blood health.

If you're looking for a filling vegan breakfast, look no further. These beautiful overnight oats contain tons of protein from the oats and pumpkin seeds, as well as cell-protecting antioxidants and an array of vitamins from the blueberries.

This smoothie comes togteher in just a few minutes and is a great way to enjoy the myriad health benefits of the turmeric plant, including powerful antioxidants which can help lower the risk of developing certain types of cancers and anti-inflammatories that can have a positive effect on numerous types of chronic conditions, including arthritis. 

Find the recipe here: Turmeric and Berry Smoothie


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