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Roasted Duck with Apples and Chestnuts

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Roasted Duck with Apples and Chestnuts
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50 min.
ready in 3 h. 20 min.
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With 18 grams of protein per 100 grams, duck meat provides a good portion of this important building block. It also supplies vitamin B1 thiamine, which is important for nerve metabolism, and the mineral magnesium, which is particularly important for muscles.

Chestnuts are rich in fibre, which helps digestion and, in combination with potassium, can even strengthen the heart.

If you like it fruity, add a few thin slices of orange in addition to the apple slices - you will be surprised how well this combination harmonizes.

Boiled potatoes or dumplings as well as cooked seasonal vegetables are especially tasty with duck.


1 duck leg (ready to cook, about 2.5 kg)
4 Red onions
4 Apple
200 grams Chestnuts (vacuum sealed)
1 teaspoon marjoram (dried)
1 teaspoon Mugwort (dried)
freshly ground peppers
2 pieces untreated Orange peel (freshly grated)
2 teaspoons thyme
½ liter Chicken broth
thyme (for garnishing)
How healthy are the main ingredients?

Preparation steps


Preheat the oven to 180°C (approximately 350°F).


Rinse the duck inside and out under running water and pat dry. If necessary, remove the giblets and pat dry. Free the skin of feathers. Cut off the wing tips and the neck. Cut both into large pieces. Rinse the apples. Cut 2 apples into quarters, remove the seeds and coarsely chop. Core the two remaining apples and cut into slices. Peel the onions and cut into quarters. Dice half of the onions and chestnuts and in a bowl, mix together with the chopped apples. Season with the mugwort, marjoram, salt, pepper and orange zest. Mix well.


Season the duck inside and out with salt and pepper. Rub the outside of the duck with the thyme and fill the duck with the apple mixture. Seal the opening with kitchen string, or pin together with a skewer, and place in a roasting dish with the breast side down. Pour about 500 ml (approximately 1 pint) of water and bake for about 2 hours. Once in a while, pour the leaked out fat over the duck. Turn the duck over after 1 hour. After 1 hour and 15 minutes of cooking, add the apple slices and the remaining onion quarters and chestnuts.


Remove the finished duck pour the leftover gravy through a sieve. Skim off the fat (it is done best with a small ladle) and set aside.


In a pan, fry the wings and neck in the gravy (if necessary, add 1-2 tablespoons of duck fat) until brown.


Pour in the broth and simmer for about 20 minutes.


Set the oven to broiler.


Brush the duck with salt water and brown the duck until crisp under the broiler, watching carefully.


Strain the broth through a sieve, season with salt and pepper and stir in 1-2 tablespoons of duck fat to taste. Add the apple slices, onion quarters and chestnuts.


Take out the kitchen string from the duck. Place the duck on a serving dish and surround with the vegetables, fruit and broth sauce. Serve garnished with thyme.