7 Healthy Breakfasts

Updated on 28. Apr. 2020

Rise and shine! Start your day off right with one of our seven favorite recipes for a healthy, nutritious, and filling breakfast.

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1. Fruity Muesli

Fruity Muesli

The perfect mix of juicy and crunchy, this breakfast is just what you are craving. Find the recipe here. 


2. Cashew spelt granola with yogurt and strawberries

Cashew Spelt Crunch

This quick granola makes for a super start to any day of the week. Find the recipe here. 


3. Oat Pancakes with Blueberries

Oat Pancake

This fiber-filled breakfast is absolutely delicious and will fuel you until lunchtime! Find the recipe here. 


4. Asian Scrambled Eggs

Asian Scrambled Eggs

  • These scrambled eggs are accented with bold Asian flavors for a healthy and filling breakfast. Find the recipe here.


5. Exotic fruit plate with yogurt

Exotic Fruit Plate

  • Transport yourself to a tropical island with a breakfast filled with exotic fruits. Find the recipe here


6. Millet Omelet with nectarines

Millet Omelet

  • High in many beneficial nutrients, millet is a great way to start your day. Find the recipe here


7. Soy elderberry drink

Elderberry Spritzer

  • The elderberries in this refreshing drink will pump up your immune system, getting you ready for anything your day has in store. Find the recipe here.




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