10 Low-Cal Winter Cocktails

By Holly Bieler
Updated on 22. Dec. 2020

Warm up with one of these delicious winter cocktails, all under 130 calories per serving.

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Whether you're watching your calories during the holiday season or starting up a new year diet, there's no reason to waste calories on drinks this winter. Indeed, when you're trying to lose weight alcohol can be a secret menace, with most traditional cocktails racking up upwards of 300 calories per serving. Instead, celebrate the season with one of our delicious cocktails below, packed with cozy winter flavor and each coming in at less than 130 calories per serving.

This warming spiked tea is a light and comforting end-of-day cocktail with tons of vitamin C from the oranges and only 107 calories per serving. Plus, it takes less than 15 minutes to put together.

This elegant cocktail is reminiscent of a classic lemon drop but uses rum instead of vodka and vermouth instead of triple sec. It's also incredibely creamy thanks to the egg white, while keeping calories low at 80 calories per serving.

This berry-packed mocktail recipe can easily be turned into a delicious cocktail with the addition of 1.5 oz. of vodka or rum per serving. The addition of the alcohol should bring the total calorie count to just over 110 calories per serving.

This hearty Bloody Mary is just the thing you need to brave the cold, and comes in at only 63 calories per serving. 

This tasty green cocktail epitomizes "drink your veggies". The juice from kohlrabi is rich in antioxidants, which helps protect the body's cells against free radical damage, while the daikon juice is packed with vitamin C, which helps keep the immune system healthy during the cold winter months. Simply add 1.5 oz. of vodka (herb-flavored vodka is great in this recipe) to spike this drink, or follow the recipe as-is for a virgin mocktail.

There's no more classic winter cocktail than the hot toddy, which combines honey, lemons and a dark liquor to yield a warming winter drink that'll raise your spirits in no time. This slight twist on the traditional recipe adds cloves for even more winter flavor. This base recipe can be easily customized based on your taste preferences. Per serving, add 1.5 oz. of whiskey for a traditional hot toddy, 1.5 oz. of a cinnnamon-flavored whiksey like Fireball or a cinnamon-flavored vodka for extra flavor, or simply skip the alcohol for a mild virgin mocktail. 

Mojitos are more often thought of as a summer cocktail than a winter one, however if you're looking for something refreshing, they're actually a great cold weather drink. Mojitos only requre a couple ingredients that are available yearround, and are packed with immune-boosting vitamin C thanks to the fresh limes and mint. Plus, if you watch your cane or liquid sugar, mojitos can be surprisingly low calorie. This traditional recipe contains less than 40 calories per serving.

This hot cocktail relies on Calvados, a typle of apple brandy originally from Normandy in France, for its sweet and aromatic flavor. And while this cocktail might taste indulgent, it comes in at just 90 calories per serving.

Find the recipe here: Warm Apple Brandy Cocktail

Mixed Berry Cooler

If you're feeling nostalgic for summer, this bright cocktail does just the trick. It's packed with summer berry flavor but can be made with frozen berries. Just add 1.5 oz. of your favorite fruit-flavored liquor to make it a cocktail.

This elegant cocktail makes for the perfect pre-dinner holiday drink. As-is the recipe is virgin, but easily add 1.5 oz. of citrus-flavored vodka per serving to yield a simple and beautiful winter drink. With the addition of vodka, this drink's recipe count comes in at just under 130 calories.

Find the recipe here: Cranberry Citrus Cocktail

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