Snack Traps

Updated on 06. Nov. 2020

Losing weight can be hard, especially when there are temptations all around that make you want to snack on unhealthy things. But not to worry, Eat Smarter helps you crush those snack cravings, no matter the situation!

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Snacks in Plain Sight

We are more likely to eat food that is directly in front of us than to eat food tucked away in a cupboard. This scenario has even been proven through scientific studies. The conclusion: Sweets that are openly displayed lead to more snacking. If you have to get up and actually walk to the cupboard, you are less likely to snack frequently.

Smart Solution: Keep tempting snacks out of sight. Better yet, try to avoid buying mass amounts of unhealthy snacks. Even if you eat fewer snacks by putting them away, the better strategy is still not to buy as many in the first place. Putting together a shopping list will greatly reduce the number of impulse buys. Studies confirm people who go grocery shopping without a plan end up with 75% more impulse buys than people who follow a shopping list, and these impulse buys are rarely the healthy kind.

Cravings in the Office

A long meeting, an irritated boss, a fast approaching deadline – all these are causes of stress at work, and there are much more. Seeking a reward or comfort, something high in calories lands in your mouth. The stress will not go away by giving into your cravings, but instead you will have extra pounds on your hips.

Smart Solution: Those who know they are susceptible to cravings while at the office should think ahead and bring some healthy alternatives. For example, dried fruit, unsalted nuts or rice cakes are great options. A good idea is to keep some of these snacks in a desk drawer, so they are always within reach for when a craving hits.

TV Evening

A classic scenario: you sit comfortably on the couch and watch your favorite show. Unfortunately, that show is frequently interrupted by ads for chocolate, chips, and sodas. If the show happens to be exciting, psychologists now know, we will likely release the tension by eating. No wonder our regular movie nights are characterized by an unstoppable desire to snack.

Smart Solution: Get some healthy snacks ready for the next movie night. Vegetable sticks are not only tasty but also very healthy. An alternative for chips could be roasted tomato bread. Chocolate fans can opt for whole wheat chocolate cookies, which have a fraction of the fat and calories that a bar of chocolate would have. For those who want to save the calories completely, chewing calorie-free gum can be a great solution. 

Large Packaging

Two-for-one pricing, XL chocolate bars, huge bags of chips - the manufacturers seduce us with extra large packaging for sale. The problem: the average consumer tends to eat what is there. Big packages may perhaps be cheaper in comparison, but they are worse for your figure.

Smart solution: Buy all sweet and fatty snacks in small packages. And even these should be portioned, take only the amount that you actually want to eat and leave the rest in the cupboard.

Smart Alternatives to Sweet Treats

That small snack you grab in between meals doesn’t have to be high in calories. With these alternatives, we will show you how to snack healthier.

  1. Vanilla Latte with whipped cream and whole milk (small): about 260 calories.
    Better: Cafe Latte with low-fat milk (small): approx. 105 calories.
  2. fruit yogurt (whole milk): about 140 calories.
    Better: 1 low-fat plain yogurt with fresh fruit: about 70 calories.
  3. Chocolate chip cookie with nuts: about 460 calories.
    Better: Rice Cake (50g/1.76oz) with dark chocolate: 240 calories.
  4. 1 butter croissant: about 350 calories.
    Better: 1 small bag of pretzels: 170 calories.
  5. 25g/0.88oz milk chocolate: about 140 calories.
    Better: 25g/0.88oz dark chocolate: about 120 calories.
  6. 1 piece of apple pie: about 300 calories.
    Better: 1 slice of apple pie with yeast dough: about 135 calories.

Being healthier does not have to be about giving up the things you love, it is about making smarter choices and enjoying things in moderation.



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