The Big Calorie Table: Bread And Baking

Updated on 27. Dec. 2018
How many calories are in bread?
How many calories are in bread?

The fact that a slice of whole wheat bread is healthier and less fatty than a piece of cake comes as no surprise. But did you know that a bagel with cream cheese has more calories than a chocolate muffin? In EAT SMARTER’s big bread calorie table you can learn all about which types of bread are the best for you.

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The Big Calorie Table: Bread And Rolls

When it comes to toast and rolls there is not a big difference between white and whole wheat. For example a piece of regular white toast has 265 calories and a piece of whole wheat toast has about 257 calories. There is barely a difference. The same is true for rolls. A white roll has about 112 calories and a whole-wheat roll has about 144 calories.

Even though the calories do not differ much, whole wheat bread is a lot better for you than white bread. This is because all the healthy nutrients are found on the outer layer of the grain. When these grains are milled, those nutrients are lost. For example, 100 g/ 3.5 oz. of whole-wheat flour contain about 130 mg/ 0.005 oz. of magnesium. White flour, on the other hand, has no magnesium. On top of that, whole wheat bread contains about three times the amount of fiber as white flour. These fill you up for longer and also aid in digestion.

The Big Calorie Table: Cakes And Sweets

With the afternoon coffee you have, you also have a piece of cake. But be careful because if you have a piece of Sachertorte (488 calories) or a Bee sting cake, (360) your small coffee party can quickly turn into an entire meal. If you still want to have your cake but not the calories, try a piece of yeast cake with fruit (207 calories).

Cakes are not the only small calorie-bombs. Small baked goods such as a chocolate cookie (241 calories), a muffin (275 calories) or a donut with chocolate glaze (306 calories) can also contain large amounts of calories.

The Big Calorie Table: Snacks

This is a common scenario. You are on the road and all of the sudden you are overcome by food cravings. You hurry to your closest bakery or grocery store. After all sandwiches are healthy since they barely contain sugar or chocolate. This is almost correct. While sandwiches, bagels and wraps might not contain as much sugar as a donut, they still have just as many calories. For example, a panini with tomatoes and mozzarella (443 calories) or a bagel with cream cheese (355 calories).

A smarter option would be a half a roll with egg (192 calories). Even better would be to bring your own snacks from home. This way you can be sure you don’t end up eating lots of unwanted calories. For example a cereal bar only has about 94 calories.

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