China Tours

China Tours, founded by Liu Geosheng in 1998 in Hamburg, is Germany's leading specialist for China Travel. Today, China Tours offers one of the largest and highest quality programs for travels to the Middle Kingdom. Their focus is to create the philosophy, innovation and authentic travel concepts with which the customer can have a unique look behind the scenes of this fascinating country. With the help of specialists, they have received numerous awards, including the “Palme d’Or” of the Geo Saison (2006 and 2011) and the coveted Tourist Sonntag Aktuell (2007 and 2011). In addition to group tours, China Tours also offers individual and customized trips and modules for businesses. It was because of the individual trips and their online travel configuration that they awarded the renowned Red Dot Award and won the Innovation “Springboard” Prize by the Verbena Internet Reisevertrieb (VIR).

Fitness First

Your training at Fitness First - varied and exciting!As a top-equipped fitness club, Fitness First has the best conditions for your individual training including modern equipment, qualified personnel and exclusive facilities. They offer more than just a classic workout. In just a short time, their freestyle workout will help build strength, endurance, flexibility and stability. At the same time, you will fill your body with energy and release stress, aiding in your fitness for everyday life. Whether climbing stairs, carrying bags or leisure activities, just giving it a try will increase your vitality. It is always difficult to stick to it, but they make it easy! Because people are training in groups, trainers encourage and motivate you to reach your peak performance. is a German-wide portal for environmental careers such as renewable energy, clean tech food or eco-fashion. They publish job advertisements, company profiles and icons to employee benefits, such as child car, flexible work hours or flat hierarchies for each sustainable company.In addition, job seekers get exclusive interviews with CEOs or CSR experts to gain optimal insight into the company.


Siemens is a great, innovative technology brand for home appliances. For over 160 years, they cherish and valued outstanding engineering achievements, marked by creativity, perfection and precision.They are the basis for a continuous flow of innovations that have constantly improved people’s lives. “Progress in the service of man” was the claim of Werner von Siemens, company founder. In this perspective, their engineers are constantly working at the highest level to maintain the efficiency of household appliances in use of scarce resources such as water and energy. Through the use of ever newer technologies, Siemens Hausgeräte, the most resource-efficient in the industry, makes technical progress for each individual. For more information, please visit

Attractive, flexible and easy! Machfit provides health services, including exercise, stress management and nutrition, to companies and their employees for workplace health promotion. Machfit provides an incentive to move, behave and eat healthy. These companies receive an individual health platform that provides the flexibility and bargains for careers, such as yoga, aquatic fitness, pilates, stress management, nutrition counseling and more. Once companies invest in health, they notice an addition and retainment of employees. Machfit coordinates and billing with health providers. Thus, companies with limited time, financial resources and human resources can see more relaxed employees during rising healthcare costs and shortage of skilled workers. More information can be found at

A & E - Be Original

A&E is one of the world’s most successful TV brands and whose unusual experiences and original lifestyles are true to their motto “Be original.” Well known for the Robertson family in their series “Duck Dynasty” that have become millionaires for the production of duck calls. The stories of Phil Robertson and his family broke records for most-watched, non-fiction program in the history of US cable television. No wonder the family recipes of Kay Robertson, commonly known as Miss Kay, has been appealing to families everywhere. She cooks with passion, not only for her family, but her neighborhood; she wants to start her own food truck with exotic, organic products. Further information can be found at