Recipes by letters from A to Z

Recipes from A to Z

On this page you will find all the healthy EAT SMARTER recipes sorted by initials. The navigation will help you finding the recipe you are looking for. Just a click on the letter and further on to recipe of your desire. It's as easy and simple as it sounds. Happy cooking.

  • Udon noodles with beef and carrots - with the ingredients: Beef fillet, Garlic clove, Ginger root, Soy sauce, Honey, Baby carrot, Snow pea, baby spinach, Scallion, udon noodles, Salt, Sesame oil, Pepper

  • Udon Noodles with Pork and Vegetables - with the ingredients: Udon noodle, Pork, Spinach, Soy bean sprouts, Cucumber, Lemongrass, Chile pepper, Chile pepper, Garlic, Shallot, Ginger root, Vegetable oil, Soy sauce, Salt

  • Udon Noodle Soup with Shrimp - with the ingredients: Carrot, Scallion, Ginger root, Sesame oil, Broccoli floret, Vegetable broth, Lemongrass, Udon noodle, Shrimp, Soy sauce, Lime juice, Tabasco sauce, Cilantro

  • Udon Noodle soup with shrimp and spinach - with the ingredients: Egg, Pastry flour, Vegetable oil, Spinach, Snow pea, Shrimp, Leek, udon noodles, Dashi, Soy sauce, Rice wine, Sugar

  • Udon Noodle Soup with Spinach and Surimi - with the ingredients: Egg, Pastry flour, Vegetable oil, Spinach, surimi (Asian fish paste), Leek, udon noodles, fish broth, Soy sauce, Rice wine, Sugar

  • Udon noodle soup with vegetables and grilled chicken - with the ingredients: Shiitake mushroom, Teriyaki sauce, Sugar, Chicken breast, Soy sauce, udon noodles, Bamboo shoots, Beet, Bok Choy Leaf, Salt, Pepper, Coriander Leaf, Scallion

  • Udon Salad with Carrots, Cilantro and Peanuts - with the ingredients: udon noodles, Carrot, Shelled peanut, Chile pepper, Garlic clove, Ginger root, Soy sauce, Honey, Rice wine, cilantro leaf, Sesame seed

  • Ukrainian Style Fish Soup - with the ingredients: Fish carcass, Salt, Onion, Bay leaf, Peppercorns, Parsley, Dill, Egg white, Pepper, Carrot, fish fillet, Parsley

  • Ukranian-style Dumplings with Sauerkraut and Mushrooms - with the ingredients: Pastry flour, Salt, Egg, Vegetable oil, Bacon, Clarified butter, Onion, Sauerkraut, Cloves, Juniper berries, Bay leaf, White wine, Mushroom, Butter, Salt, Pepper, Egg white, Butter, Fresh herbs

  • Ultimate breakfast plate - with the ingredients: All purpose flour, Baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, Buttermilk, egg, butter, milk, vegetable oil, egg, milk, salt, butter, Bacon, Blueberry, water, sugar

  • Ultimate Caramel Apples - with the ingredients: Apple, Sugar, Honey, Butter, Double cream, Dark chocolate, Nut

  • Umami broth - with the ingredients: Ginger root, Lemongrass, garlic, vegetable stock, Silken tofu, Chive, Miso paste, soy sauce, Mushroom

  • Umbrian Fish Soup - with the ingredients: Celery, Fennel bulb, Onion, Garlic clove, Parsley, Olive oil, White wine, Tomato, Crusty bread, fish fillet, Salt, Pepper

  • Umbrian meat stew - with the ingredients: chicken, Celery, carrot, parsley stem, veal tongue, salted beef brisket, Italian sausage, parsley, Basil, mint, Dijon mustard, Caper, Anchovy, Red wine vinegar, olive oil, carrot, Celery, chicken stock, Lentil

  • Unfiltered Apple Juice - with the ingredients: Organic apple, Cinnamon stick

  • Unsweetened Pie Crust with Porcini Mushrooms - with the ingredients: Pie crust, olive oil, shallot, Swiss cheese, Porcini mushroom, Whole milk, cream, egg, salt, Nutmeg

  • Unusual types of rice - parboiled, colored and spiced - with the ingredients: Rice variety

  • Upside-Down Apple Pie - with the ingredients: Pastry flour, Salt, Butter, Egg, Water, Apple, Powdered sugar, Water, Butter, Mint leaf

  • Upside-down caramel apple tarts - with the ingredients: Pastry flour, Salt, Egg, Sugar, Butter, Apple, Butter, Powdered sugar, Vanilla sugar

  • Upside-down Pear Cake - with the ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Pear, egg (L), Baking soda, Milk, Butter, Honey, Pastry flour, Salt, Sugar, Vanilla sugar, Powdered sugar

  • Upside Down apple banana cake - with the ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Apple, Banana, Lemon, Egg, Salt, Pastry flour, Cornstarch, almonds

  • Upside Down Apple Tart - with the ingredients: Butter, Spelt, Egg, Sea salt, Acacia honey, Pastry flour, Apple, Acacia honey, Butter, Bourbon vanilla, Cinnamon, Lemon juice

  • Upside Down Cranberry Cake - with the ingredients: cranberries, Butter, Powdered sugar, Vanilla bean, Butter, Butter, Sugar, Egg, Pastry flour, Baking powder, Hazelnut, Grated chocolate, Milk

  • Upside Down Peach Puff Pastry Tart - with the ingredients: Peach, Butter, Sugar, almonds, Puff pastry dough, Pastry flour

  • upside down pineapple cake - with the ingredients: Pineapple ring, Egg, Pastry flour, Baking powder, Sugar, Butter, Milk, Pineapple syrup, rum, Whipping cream, Sugar, Maraschino Cherry

  • Upside Down Plum Cake - with the ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Plum, Butter, Salt, Egg, Baking powder, Pastry flour, Milk

  • Upside down quince tart - with the ingredients: caster sugar, unsalted butter, Quince, Puff pastry

  • Upside Down Vegetable Tart - with the ingredients: Zucchini, Scallion, Leek, Ricotta cheese, Egg, Milk, Parmesan, Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg, Olive oil, Butter, Puff pastry dough, Sesame seed

  • Uramaki - with the ingredients: fish stick, Cucumber, Avocado, Lemon juice, Sushi rice, Wasabi, Nori sheet, Trout roe

  • USA "Red, White, and Blue" Sponge Cake - with the ingredients: Butter, Pastry flour, Egg, Butter, Sugar, Salt, Pastry flour, Baking powder, Lemon zest, Milk, Gelatin, Fruit juice, Gelatin, blueberry juice, Whipping cream, Powdered sugar, Gelatin