Recipes from A to Z

On this page you will find all the healthy EAT SMARTER recipes sorted by initials. The navigation will help you finding the recipe you are looking for. Just a click on the letter and further on to recipe of your desire. It's as easy and simple as it sounds. Happy cooking.

  • 15 Minute Lasagne - with the ingredients: olive oil, Ground beef, onion, Bell pepper, garlic, Tomato sauce, water, parsley, oregano, Ricotta cheese, egg, Parmesan cheese, salt, Black pepper, Lasagne, mozzarella cheese, Basil

  • 2-layer chocolate cake - with the ingredients: Butter, Cocoa, Pastry flour, Baking powder, Sugar, Salt, Vanilla bean, Egg, Whipping cream, Whipping cream, Vanilla sugar, Couverture, rum

  • 3-Layer chocolate cake - with the ingredients: Whipping cream, Dark couverture chocolate, For the dough, Butter, Egg, Sugar, Pastry flour, Cocoa powder, Baking powder, Coffee, Marzipan, Powdered sugar, Couverture, Dark couverture chocolate, Vegetable oil, Cocoa

  • 3 Layer Ice Cream - with the ingredients: Raspberry, Egg, Sugar, Lemon juice, Greek yogurt, Whipping cream, Egg yolk, Lemon juice, Sugar, Vanilla bean, rum, Whipping cream, Poppyseed filling, Whipping cream, Powdered sugar, Powdered sugar, Mint leaf

  • 40 clove Chicken - with the ingredients: Chicken leg, Chicken thigh, salt, Black pepper, olive oil, Red onion, thyme, bay leaf, lemon, garlic, chicken stock

  • 4-Layer Blueberry Cheesecake - with the ingredients: Egg, Sugar, Salt, Pastry flour, Cornstarch, Multi-grain cracker, Cocoa powder, Butter, Vanilla pudding powder, Milk, Sugar, Butter, Powdered sugar, Blueberry, Powdered sugar, Cream cheese, Quark, Gelatin, Whipping cream, Lemon zest