Losing Weight The Right Way: 8 Important Tips

Updated on 17. Sep. 2020
With the eight weightloss tips of EAT SMARTER pants no longer pinches soon.
With the eight weightloss tips of EAT SMARTER pants no longer pinches soon.

So you finally made a plan: You want to lose weight the RIGHT way this time. EAT SMARTER will reveal 8 tips so you can reach your goal faster!

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1. Losing Weight The Right Way: Bring Movement Into Your Life

Every movement counts. The more you move your body, the more calories and fat you burn! Some of the best ways to do this are through jogging, biking, or swimming. But even less strenuous exercises will do the trick. Climbing stairs for around 15 minutes burns about 130 calories, and an hour walk burns about 280 calories. Look for simple ways to bring more exercise into your daily life. Where could you walk that you would normally drive?

2. Losing Weight The Right Way: Use Those Muscles

Muscles are true weight-destroyers. The reason: they even burn calories when we stay on the sofa. The larger the body’s muscle mass, the higher the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), where your body can burn more calories while at rest. The hardest part is definitely the beginning. Many people can’t imagine suddenly doing weight training. Furthermore, not everyone likes the gym. But if you get past the beginning, strength training can be really fun! 

3. Losing Weight The Right Way: Be Prepared For Food Cravings

Food cravings are treacherous. They can destroy any weight loss plan. Before you know it, you are eating a chocolate bar or buttery croissant. How can I prevent food cravings? Here are a few ideas. Try a pot of tea or a brisk walk. Additionally, choose meals that keep you feeling full for a long time, especially meals high in protein and fiber. These keep blood sugar levels low and reduce the risk of food cravings. If the cravings still do not disappear, try snacking on something healthy like fresh carrots. Carrots fill the stomach and are the perfect low-calorie snack!

4. Losing Weight The Right Way: Eat Slowly

This applies to all meals and snacks. Generally, when we eat, it takes the body about 10 minutes to send the brain a signal that it is full. In people that are overweight, this can take even longer. Are you full even though there is still something on your plate? Let it stay there or put it back into the pot so that you can reheat it in the morning.

5. Losing Weight The Right Way: Don’t Forbid Anything

People who are trying to lose weight like to have a list of things they are not allowed to eat. This can serve as a sign to you or others that you are serious about losing weight. However, this approach normally involves a risk. If you, for some reason slip up, you become frustrated and disheartened. This can put your entire weight loss plan at risk. Try a different approach. For example, consider chocolate and candies as something special. You can have it, but only in small amounts.

6. Losing Weight The Right Way: Stop Emotional Eating

One thing you should certainly stop doing is emotional eating. This ritual has the highest risk of being overweight in the end. Of course, sometimes you need something to get rid of the frustration. Instead of grabbing your favorite comfort food, try other options. Perhaps a brisk walk or a dip in the pool? Exercise is a great way to get rid of stress and frustration. Sometimes material things can help too! For example, try listening to your favorite CD or going to the movies.

7. Losing Weight The Right Way: You Have To Be Patient

This is perhaps the most difficult task. What if you follow all the scientifically proven weight-loss tips, hold off on the chocolate, go jogging and the pounds still do not come off? Although this might seem stupid, keep going! The body is reluctant to let go of its fat deposits but sooner or later it eventually will. The more you move, the better. Under no circumstances should you radically cut back on food. This will only make your body adjust its metabolism, but not actually lose weight.

8. Losing Weight The Right Way: Let Go Of Misconceptions

As nice as it would be, there are no diets that can be used specifically to reduce abdominal or leg fat. Ultimately, where the fat deposits sit is a genetic predisposition. Losing weight is a holistic process that takes place throughout the entire body. Take on less energy in the form of food than you consume per day and increase your energy consumption through movement (the more intense the better). This is how you will end up losing weight! 

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