10 Recipes for a Healthier Gut

By Holly Bieler
Updated on 28. Dec. 2020

10 delicious recipes packed with gut-nourishing ingredients.

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A healthy gut means good digestion, maximum energy and even an increased sense of happiness, as much of our serotonin is produced from our gut. On the other hand, an unhealthy, sluggish, or inflamed gut can produce an array of uncomfortable side effects, from decreased energy to stomach cramps and digestive issues. However, the right diet can work wonders when it comes to maintaining gut health. Check out 10 of our favorite gut-healthy recipes below.

Brussel sprouts and lentils are rich in prebiotic fiber, which is especially beneficial for digestive and gut health. 

Bananas can help keep gut bacteria levels stable as well as fight inflammation of the gut. And replace the plant-based yogurt in this recipe with cow’s milk yogurt for a massive dose of gut-nourishing cultures.

Ginger has long been a naturopathic remedy for stomach ailments. But medical science also indicates that ginger can help move food through the stomach efficiently, decrease bloating and improve digestion.

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation of the gut and improve overall digestion. Sweet potatos and broccoli are also great sources of fiber, which help keep the digestive system working properly. 

Kale is a rich source of fiber, which supports overall gut health, as well as a type of sugar that only occurs in certain leafy greens and helps healthy bacteria grow. 

Olive oil is packed with the kinds of fatty acids and polyphenols that gut bacteria and microbes love to eat. 

Miso’s fermentation process imbues it with tons of powerful bacteria and enzymes that can help keep your gut healthy.

Garlic is a prebiotic, a kind of compound in certain foods which helps feed and keep healthy the flora in your gut. 

Roquefort cheese’s trademark blue streaks are rich in anti-inflammatory substances that support overall gut health.  

Dark chocolate is rich in prebiotic and probiotics, containing on average 10 billion active bacterial cells, which all help support a healthy gut. 

Find the recipe here: Dark Chocolate Tarts with Candied Kumquats

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