Long-Grain Rice

By Holly Bieler
Updated on 29. May. 2020

Long-grain rice is incredibly easy on the stomach, gluten-free and can pack a major fiber punch.

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Long-grain rice...

  • isn't as high-cal as you might think.
    The relatively high calorie count of long-grain rice might frighten off dieters. In doing so, it leads them astray. However remember that just 50 grams of raw long-grain rice is enough as a side dish per portion, as when you cook it, the amount triples to about 150 grams.
  • ...strengthens the bones.
    Especially unpeeled long-grain rice has a high phosphorus content of 280 milligrams. This mineral helps support healthy teeth and bones, and helps the body build cell membranes.
  • ...can have a healing effect.
    Many doctors recommend a pure long-grain rice diet for diarrhea for good reason, as the small grains can bind toxins of all kinds, so that the body disposes of them more quickly and thus accelerates the healing process.
  • ...is particularly healthy when brown.
    In it’s unpeeled, natural state, long-grain rice is brown. This variety is more healthy as it has about twice as much fiber as white long-grain rice.
  • ...helps strengthen muscles and nerves.
    Brown long-grain rice in particular contains a lot of magnesium, at around 120 milligrams per 100 gram serving. The body needs this mineral for healthy muscle and nerve function. In addition, magnesium helps speed up the metabolism.
  • ...is suitable for most eaters.
    Especially in white varieties, long-grain rice is easily digestible and perfect for those who even suffer from stomach problems.
  • ...is gluten-free.
    Those on gluten-free diets or with celiacs disease, rejoice! Long-grain rice does not contain gluten.
  • ...may contain arsenic.
    Studies have shown time and again that long-grain rice can contain relatively high levels of arsenic. As a result, health authorities suggest not eating long-grain rice on a daily basis. Here’s another tip: since arsenic dissolves in water, always wash long-grain rice before cooking, boil it in plenty of water, and pour away the cooking water when you’re finished.

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